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Lets Pull Some Cards! Bowman Platinum 2021 Retail Blaster

I didn’t even know Bowman Platinum 2021 dropped! It’s not my favourite series by any means, but it’s usually fun to rip. The foil cards, at least to me, are better than chrome while attempting to achieve a similar style. Last years design wasn’t amazing, so I was happy to see they took a pretty big step away from it.

Here’s my pulls!

Base Cards (MLB):

Base Cards (Prospects):

Inserts & Variants:

Blue Jays:


Some fun stuff! The big card highlight of the day was finally getting some sheets and binders to get my base stuff (across multiple collections) sorted. I may take a break for a few weeks on ripping packs, as far as I know nothing is dropping. No point in wasting money on sets that are still kicking around when they don’t overly interest me.

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