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Sunday Showcase: Big 4 Prediction Parties!

Changing things up a bit this week because it’s RUMBLE WEEKEND! I thought I may drop a post on a fun thing me and my friends do for all of the big four pay per views. We would always get together to watch them but a few years ago we decided to spice it up a bit and have some fun. We added a board of predictions and usually a small prize. With the pandemic hitting, and social gatherings basically being shut down it’s been over a year since we’ve done this but with things being relatively good in Nova Scotia were firing up the show, putting predictions on the board, and the title is ON THE LINE.. oh yeah, we made a title for bragging rights, cause why not? (Eventually I’d like to take what crafting skills I’ve picked up since this was made and improve it, but that requires down time which is something I don’t have a ton of right now) Each show I set up a board of stuff that everyone needs to make their predictions on, as well as the match outcomes. There’s someone common ones like “how m

Sunday Showcase - Master List

Keeping a list of all these in one post! 12-06-2020 -  WWE Intercontinental Championship (Signed By Cody Rhodes) 12-13-2020 -  CZW Once In A Lifetime Autographed Turnbuckle 12-20-2020 -  Mattel Elite Shockmaster (2016 SDCC Exclusive) 12-27-2020 -  New Day Elite Wrestlemania 32 / Booty O’s 3-Pack 01-24-2021 -  Elite Series 71 Kassius Ohno 01-31-2021 -  Big 4 Prediction Parties! (Last Update To List: 01/31/2021)

LETHALgames: Stardew Valley Review (Nintendo Switch)

Recently I went around asking for a mindless game that I could sink a bit of time to here and there. After getting the same suggestion from a few people, I pulled the trigger on a relatively cheap game in Stardew Valley.  Learn To Live Off The Land The game isn’t one you’ll get much excitement from, but more so something that you’ll start playing then realize that somehow a few hours have passed. It’s fantastic for killing time. Within the first 4 days I had logged close to 22 hours of gameplay. I know I haven't logged almost 22 hours in four days...... #NintendoSwitch — LETHAL (@JamesLethal) January 29, 2021 There’s 6 key elements to the game that you kind of balance all at once from my experience. You’ll get random tasks assigned that connects back to just about all these things. There’s also a bit of a story to some parts, but I won’t speak on that as I wouldn’t want to spoil the game for anyone deciding to play. Farming Exploring Fishing Building/

LETHALgames - Master List Of All Reviews

I figured I would round things up, and make a master list of game reviews I’ve done. Playstation 4: MLB The Show 20  - 9.0/10 WWE Battlegrounds  - 6.5/10 Nintendo Switch: Tricky Towers  - 8.5/10 Stardew Valley  - 9.25/10 (Last Update To List: 01/30/2021)

AEW Unrivaled - Series 5 Lineup Leaked

It seems the AEW content is coming at a crazy pace this week! Looks like an image has surfaced showing the lineup for Series 5 of AEW Unrivaled. Jon Moxley Hangman Page Scorpio Sky Frankie Kazarian Luchasaurus Jungle Boy Interesting call to put two tags in. I thought that I had read somewhere that Shida would be in the line, but I guess not if this is true! I assume as the two solo wrestlers in the series, the Chase/Rare will be Mox & Hangman.

AEW Unrivaled Series 4 - Official Pictures Revealed

Looks like Jeremy and the folks over at Jazwares decided to drop some official photos for wave 4 of the Unrivaled series. Official Lineup: Cody Rhodes (CHASE) Matt Hardy (RARE) Kenny Omega Santana Ortiz Sammy Guevara This is a solid series! The only one I look at and think “this isn’t that great” is Sammy. He could have used a more serious second head scan.

Sunday Showcase: Elite Series 71 Kassius Ohno

I’ve taken a few weeks off from the Sunday Showcase, and they may be sporadic going forward but I was bored and wanted to get one out this week! This is probably my favourite figure in my entire collection. I’ve been a Chris Hero / Kassius Ohno fan since my teen years, so I’ve been waiting on this to come out for a LONG time. The FTC figure (which I also have) is fine, and it’s cool to have something actually labeled “Chris Hero” but Mattel doing their thing for a KO figure was what I always wanted. I had to get one loose and one boxed. It’s hard to imagine now, but my goal is (if the world gets back to normal) to eventually meet him at a show and get the MOC one signed. Anyways! The figure! Amazing job by Mattel on this one! If you want to check out past posts I’ve done for Sunday Showcases,  click here  for a master list of everything I’ve shown off!

UFC 257: Predictions!

Man... They’re on UFC 257 already? I feel like I’ve been so checked out on UFC as of late, but my pal is ordering the fights tonight so we’re gonna check out the card. The fight card: Lightweight - Dustin Porier vs Conor McGregor Lightweight - Dan Hooker vs Michael Chandler Flyweight (W) - Jessica Eye vs Joanne Calderwood Middleweight - Andrew Sanchez vs Makhmud Muraddov Straw-weight (W) - Marina Rodriguez vs Amanda Ribas Outside of the top two fights on the card, my lack of keeping up with MMA shows here. A few shots in the dark in terms of predictions. Anyways! These are my picks to win! Dustin Porier Michael Chandler Joanne Calderwood Makhmud Muraddov Marina Rodriguez Anyone else who watches, enjoy the fights!

MAIL DAY! Pentagon Jr (Unrivaled 2)

Not much to say here that wasn’t said  when I originally received the full set of Unrivaled 2   but I wanted to post some good loose photos of this one. One of the BEST figures of 2020. They absolutely nailed it on this one.  If you want to check out other orders I’ve made and received from Ringside Collectibles,  click here  for a master list!

MAIL DAY! Bowman Chrome 2020 Zach Britton Autograph /250

I grabbed this one for the Jays collection from a guy on Twitter, and the interaction was all around great. That only negative was the shipping time, but that was out of both of our control.expecting a long wait for anything coming from outside of Canada is pretty much the standard, unfortunately! Seller: Gilly’s Cards Twitter:  @cardsellerhub He was nice enough to deal with me and sit on the card despite not having much (if any) experience shipping to Canada. He worked with me to make sure shipping seemed to be set in place properly, and in line with my past experiences cost wise.  Anyways! The card! I don’t know much about this kid, but I’m trying to boost the number of signed Bowman 1st cards in my collection for Phillies and Jays. It being a /250 variant is just an added bonus!

LETHALgames - NBA 2K20: Atlanta Hawks Franchise *MID SEASON!*

So I’ve been bored, and looking for something to sink my teeth into while I wait it out for a PS5. I decided to go back go NBA, but I’m not wasting my money on 2K21, so I’m firing up 2K20! I took to Twitter to help me decide on a team other than my usuals of the New York Knicks or Toronto Raptors. I’m leaving it to download and install overnight, help me pick my team that I’ll mostly keep in tact and if lucky get half way through a season with for an NBA 2K20 franchise: — LETHAL (@JamesLethal) January 15, 2021 The winner? The Atlanta Hawks! This is how I’m setting things up: Team: Atlanta Hawks Season Length: 28 games  Quarter Length: 4 minutes SIM Quarter Length:  5 minutes Game Difficulty:  All-Star My plan is to not make too many unrealistic roster moves, and to keep it as true to the team I started with as possible. This is the roster to kick off the season:  Point Guards -  T Young J Teague B Goodwin Shooting Guards - K Huerter D Bremby C Brown Jr Small Forwards -  D Hunter C Re

AEW Unrivaled - Series 4 Linueup Confirmed! (+ A New Series!?)

Looks like some things have started to surface regarding series 4 of AEW Unrivaled from Jazwares. In addition to the below picture, it seems Jeremy Padawer also confirmed this  via Twitter . AEW Series 4 - Confirmed Santana @Santana_Proud Ortiz @Ortiz_Powerful Matt Hardy @MATTHARDYBRAND Sammy Guevara @sammyguevara Cody Rhodes @CodyRhodes Kenny Omega @KennyOmegamanX — Jeremy Padawer (@JeremyCom) January 19, 2021 I like this lineup! A lot are complaining that we’re getting more figures of Kenny and Cody already. I’m most excited for Santana and Ortiz, but Sammy may be good based on the earlier photos we saw.  It also seems, based on a tweet from Wrestling Figure News Source (originally also coming from Jeremy) on Twitter that there will be a second AEW series coming from Jazwares. Curious to see what this will be about. AEW UNRIVALED AND UNMATCHED SERIES: There will be another series of AEW figures coming, called Unmatched, starting in the Fall, allowing more figures to release

MAIL DAY! Various Breaks From Midwest Box Breaks

What’s better than a Midwest Box Breaks mail day!?! I had hit a few random breaks over the last few weeks, so this is all of that finally arriving. - B R E A K   D E T A I L  S -  Format: Pick Your Team / Random Team Seller: Midwest Box Breaks Website: Break 1 - Bowman’s Best 2020 PYT - Philadelphia Phillies & Minnesota Twins: Break 2 - Topps Chrome PYT - Philadelphia Phillies: Break 3 - Panini Zenith Football 2020 Random - San Francisco 49ers: Break 4 -  Bowman’s Best 2020 PYT - Philadelphia Phillies : Break 5 -  Panini Donruss Elite Football  2020 Random - Arizona Cardinals: ______ Some decent gets for the collection! JT is the big hit for me, considering I’ve been looking for an auto of his to add. Ben continues to make his breaks a great time, and I can’t say enough good things about him and MWBB.