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Lets Pull Some Cards! Topps Chrome MLB 2021 Retail Blaster

I have a lot going on financially right now and REALLY shouldn’t be buying cards.. but my will power sucks and I’d regret leaving these on the shelf if I never saw the series again in my area. So I grabbed a blaster of Topps Chrome 2021! A good spread of rookies, but no major hits. These are my pulls! Base Cards: Base Rookies: Inserts & Variants: Variants - Rookies: Numbered Variants: As I thought when the new design was revealed, it works a lot better for the chrome cards than the standard cards in series 1/2/update. Fun rip, but not a single Phillies or Jays card for the PCs! For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box breaks ! 

Mail Day! Topps Now - Pete Alonso x Home Run Derby

I generally stay away from Topps Now, I find them to be overpriced for single cards and more often than not they don’t retain a ton of value. Obviously there are some exceptions to that, but I’m just speaking on the concept of them in general. That being said, I had A LOT of fun watching the derby this year and I think a good amount of that was due to Pete’s monster performance and charisma throughout. Once I saw this card go up, I HAD to have it so I used my points accumulated on the Topps website to get it a bit cheaper. Savings which made no difference, by the way - it looks like Topps changed their cheapest international shipping option from $10 to $15, so the $5 I though I would save just ended up falling under shipping. Oh well! Pictures: A solid addition! I’m not sure it builds or even holds value, but it’s always a keep-sake from a really fun night of watching some of the leagues best launch some long bombs.

Mid-Year Check In: Rants & Rumours: Predictions For 2021 WWE

To start the year I dropped some predictions at this link: I figured since we’re over half way, I’d check  in and see how they’re going.. some good, some bad, sone still have a chance… I think? Let’s break it all down! Correct: Women’s Royal Rumble : Bianca Belair Men’s Money In The Bank : Big E Wrestlemania weekend will include a bigger  Hall of Fame  ceremony this year so last years planned inductees can have their moment & give speeches NXT  will move to a night other than Wednesday night. NXT Call Ups:  Shotzi Blackheart, Rhea Ripley, Karrion Kross & Finn Balor moves back to main roster Wrong: Men’s Royal Rumble : Brock Lesnar Women’s Money In The Bank : Charlotte Flair Wrestlemania 37 Main Event:  Roman Reigns (c) vs Bill Goldberg for the WWE Universal Championship WWE Tag Team Champions (Raw) to close year : Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions to close year : Liv M

Lets Pull Some Cards! 1990 Bowman Baseball!

Every now and then I get out of the house and have a good time - this weekend was one of those times! Me and the boys decided to hit up a local brewery who have an arcade in the basement. It made for a night of good drinks and good times - I spent a bit of change and time on this machine.. But walking back to our table something caught my eye.. they had a little booth with random things for sale, one of which was packs of Bowman Baseball 1990. I walked by like “heh, neat!”.. but on my way out I had to stop and grab at least a couple packs just for fun. Hell, maybe I pull a Frank Thomas or Larry Walker rookie card for the collection! (spoiler alert: I did not pull either of those cards) Anyways! This is what was in the two packs (bubble gum not pictured) A fun little blast from the past.. a handful of players I even knew; but most I didn’t - cut me some slack, I was ONE year old in 1990, haha. A solid night out for sure - if you live in (or plan to visit) Halifax I suggest checking out

Lets Pull Some Cards! 2021 Topps Allen & Ginter Retail Blaster

My second favourite annual series! I wasn’t trying to spend money, but we never see new cards at retail here and I generally LOVE this series so I grabbed a box. They stuck with the same general card art style we’re used to, which is great. I wouldn’t want them to make any kind of drastic changes, honestly.  I didn’t pull anything too crazy, but I did get a few nice rookies. I need to see what kind of variants there are, I noticed one of the mini cards (Brady Singer) has the full colour RC logo, where all other rookie cards do not. I’m not sure what the reasoning is. As much as I love this set, the variants have always been a bit of a mystery to me! Current Players: Legends: Inserts: Rookie Cards: Misc Cards: Mini Cards: As always, a fun box to rip! I probably won’t get any more, but in a few months there’s some single cards I want to scope out from this year’s set. Grab a box if you’re out and come across one! 

Mail Day! A Couple MLB Breaks From Midwest Box Breaks

I’ve been pretty relaxed on breaks lately but two small breaks I got into showed up yesterday, so I’ll drop them here. Not a ton of cards, but a Bowman Sapphire Kelenic and a Finest rookie auto /25 are welcome additions to the collection. I don’t know much about this Brailyn Marquez kid but this gives me some incentive to pay attention to him! - B R E A K   D E T A I L  S -  Format: Random Team Series: 2021 Bowman Sapphire (1 box) & 2021 Topps Finest  Seller: Midwest Box Breaks Website: Break #1 - Seattle Mariners Break #2 - Chicago Cubs Not a bad few additions!

Mail Day! COMC Order From Ages Ago!

First post in a while! They’ll be few and far between for the next bit. I’m in the process of buying a house and to say that the up front costs have cut into my collecting habits is an understatement. Not a lot of expendable income for the next bit. I may do some posts here and there of stuff I didn’t blog about while I was taking a break, though! Anyways! This COMC order took ages. I bought the card in February, then waiting a month or so before even requesting to have them shipped (which at that point I chose the slowest possible shipping). It was a mix of stuff, but the stand outs for me on this one were the classic NBA rookie cards. I wanted to get some rookie cards of some of the stars I liked when I was growing up, so even though these aren’t currently that valuable I’m pretty excited to have them! Classic NBA: Recent NBA: MLB - Phillies & Jays: MLB: MLB - Project 2020 Mike Trout (Blake Jameison x Ben Baller): NFL: NFL - Greg Olsen BCCG 10 Rookie: Not a bad little haul! I hav