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Let’s Pull Some Cards! Topps Baseball 2022 Series 1 (Retail Hanger)

As I  posted on Friday , I grabbed some hangers of 2022 Series 1 - this is the second one! Base Cards: Rookies: Inserts & Variants: As I mentioned previously this series is growing on me. If I’m out and about I may grab another hanger, or even a blaster if I see them (I haven’t yet).  For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box  breaks !

Let’s Pull Some Cards! Topps Basball 2022 Series 1 (Retail Hanger)

First things first.. I have to say I HATED this design at first but actually seeing a few cards it’s grown on me. It’s a simple design, but it really works well with a lot of the excellent photography choices for the set.  Base Cards: Future Stars: Rookies: Inserts: No Wander! Ah well! For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box  breaks !

Let’s Pull Some Cards! Panini NBA Hoops 2021-22 (Retail Blaster)

Nothing I love more than an NBA box that’s a good value. I don’t ever expect much in the way of “hits” from retail stuff, so it’s always nice to see a good number of cards in a box. At 88 cards to a blaster, I think this is a good deal.. especially for an NBA product where a lot of boxes fall around 40-50 cards at the same price point. Here’s what I came away with in the box: Base Cards: Rookies: Inserts & Variants: Ayo Dosunmu Jersey Relic: Panini is hilarious.. “The enclosed officially licensed material is not associated with any specific player, game, or event.”… for all we know the patch may legit be off a jersey on a hanger at the team store lol doesn’t even say game worn, not even necessarily the player on the card haha. All around a good box and I always welcome a chance to rip some NBA cards! For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box  breaks !

COMC Order - 2-22-2022

I haven’t done an order in ages, and was sitting on a bit of credit so I though it was time to treat myself! I grabbed a couple things that have been on my list for a bit now, plus a couple other loose singles. The key things: Alec Bohm rookie auto, and a set (from the same series) of Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel autos Basketball: Wrestling: Philadelphia Phillies:  I’m cheap so I chose the lowest cost shipping.. so who knows when these even show up!? When they do I’ll have some mag  cases ready for a few of them though! For more, check out  this archive  or all my COMC orders & mail days

WWE 2K22: How Are We Feeling So Far?

Okay.. if you follow me then it’s really no secret that I love me some wrestling games. Like most I think the wrestling games peaked in the past with games like Here Comes The Pain, No Mercy and WCW/nWo Revenge.. but I think WWE 2K19 deserves its love too. It may be the best game all around that we’ve gotten in the last decade - I’ll listen to arguments on 2K14 but I think once you factor in how well creations evolved to the point that you could keep the game fresh (even still in 2022), 2K19 is just a notch above. With how high I hold 2K19, it’s been a rough couple years. 2K20’s launch was outright bad. It was filled with bugs, and the only entertainment it provided was the hilariously bad clips people posted online to dunk on 2K’s efforts. They eventually fixed it up so it wasn’t littered with glitches, but even as a fixed game it felt a bit flat. Fast forward a year and 2K made the (right) call to not release a game at all. Instead efforts would be focused on rebuilding things from t