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Let’s Pull Some Cards! Topps Baseball 2022 Series 2 (Retail Blaster)

The baseline Topps series isn’t one I care a ton about, but I’ll usually grab some to rip if I can. They’re good cards to fill out my team binders & sometimes there’s some fun inserts. Nothing special in this box, but a fun time to rip. Base: Rookies: Inserts: Variants: Relic - Xander Bogart Helmet Card I’ll be giving the Bogarts relic to my buddy who’s a Red Sox fan. I think the helmet relic cards are a lot funner than the manufactured jersey medallion relics in series one.  For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box  breaks.

Packs & Box Breaks - Master List

I post a good amount of packs and  boxes I rip on here, so I thought it would be fun to make a master list! I’ll sort by year & sport! 2022: Baseball: Topps Baseball 2022 Series 1 (Retail Hanger) #1 Topps Baseball 2022 Series 1 (Retail Hanger) #2 Topps Baseball 2022 Series 1 (Retail Blaster) Topps Opening Day 2022 (Retail Blaster) Topps Baseball Heritage 2022 (Retail Blaster) Topps Gypsy Queen 2022 (Retail Blaster) Panini Diamond Kings 2022 (Retail Blaster) Panini Absolute Baseball 2022 (Retail Blaster) Topps Baseball 2022 Series 2 (Retail Blaster) Basketball: Panini NBA Hoops 2021-22 (Retail Blaster ) Panini Donruss Basketball 2021-22 (Retail Blaster) Wrestling : IMPACT Wrestling 2022 Series 1 Trading Cards WWE Prizm 2022 (Retail Blaster + Hanger Pack) Other: UFC Donruss 2022 (Retail Blaster) 2021: Baseball: Topps Baseball 2021 - Series 1 (Retail Blaster) Donruss Baseball 2021 (Fat Pack) Allen & Ginter 2021 (Retail Blaster) Topps Chrome Baseball 2021 (Retail Blaster) Panini Pr

Mail Day! COMC Order

Been a while since I had some COMC stuff shipped.. and I grabbed a card for a friends birthday (they’re a big Pirates/Bryan Reynolds fan) so I was excited to see this all show up. Not a massive order, but one with a bit of ink in it. No BLOCKBUSTER autographs, but a few guys who I wanted to add to the collection. Baseball: Wrestling: I know he’s a shell of what he used to be, but being a Philly now I needed to add a card.. but man.. how nice is Familia’s signature!? I love when players include their numbers in signatures! For more, check out  this archive  or all my COMC orders & mail days

COMC Orders - Master List

Seeing as I’m constantly ordering (and posting what I grabbed) cards off of COMC, I figured I would make a master list of all my COMC orders! Orders made: 10-07-2020  - 2 cards (baseball) 10-09-2020  - 3 cards (baseball / wrestling) 10-10-2020  - 6 cards (baseball / basketball) 10-10-2020 # 2  - 13 cards (baseball / football / MMA / wrestling) 10-11-2020  - 12 cards (baseball / football / MMA) 10-13-2020  - 17 cards (baseball / wrestling / MMA / basketball / hockey) 10-15-2020  - 11 cards (baseball / football / basketball / wrestling) 10-19-2020  - 11 cards (baseball / football / basketball / skateboarding) 11-27-2020  - 6 cards (baseball / football / wrestling) 12-21-2020  - 20 cards (celebrities / baseball / wrestling / MMA / football) 01-03-2021  - 20 cards (baseball / football / basketball / wrestling) 01-17-2021  - 18 cards (baseball / football / basketball) 02-09-2021  - 16 cards (baseball / football / basketball) 04-15-2021  - 11 cards (baseball / wrestling / MMA) 02-02-2022  -

Let’s Pull Some Cards! Panini Absolute Baseball 2022 (Retail Blaster)

Absolute is becoming an annual pickup for me each year. It’s honestly nothing special, the base cards are generic, and it’s a typical unlicensed panini filler line but the inserts are nice and it always seems to be the newest thing at retail around my birthday. My little present to myself is usually a box of cards, and I’ll grab what’s new so it’s usually this! Base: Variants: Rookies: Inserts: Autograph/Relic, Mike Baumann (05/99): Decent box! Another auto!  I’m finally through the backlog of stuff I wanted to post since cleaning/organizing my desk at home. Hopefully that means I’ll be more on the ball in terms of making regular posts now! For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box  breaks

Let’s Pull Some Cards! Panini Diamond Kings 2022

One of my favourite series each year! Per usual I had no clue it was releasing and found out by spotting it at retail! Base: Artist Proof: Rookies: Inserts: Autograph/Relic, Thomas Szapucki: A good box! Another auto! Only thing that bummed me out, and you can notice it in the photos, is all the cards had a bit of a curve to them. Almost like you’d normally find chrome cards. Other than that, fire as usual from Diamond Kings! For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box  breaks