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Mail Day! Topps Project 70 - Pedro Martinez x Distortedd

Like I said in the last post , these Project 70 cards are a dangerous habit. I’m trying to keep the purchases within reason - but this one I couldn’t shake haha. I originally saw that card and said “that’s weird” and moved on.. then I kept thinking about it and coming back to it, noticing something new each time I looked at it. By the time it was down to a few hours left on the site I had myself at the point of “hey, what’s $20?”. Such an odd, cool card with so many layers. The details: Player:  Pedro Martinez Card Style:  1982 Topps Baseball Artist:  Distortedd Number Produced:  2720 This one definitely falls into my “I want it cause it’s weird” collection!

Mail Day! WWE Elite 83 King Corbin

In addition to the  Project 70 mail day  on Monday, I also was surprised to see the rest of my Deep Discount order arrive. After getting  Keith Lee & John Morrison back in February  I realized Corbin was going to ship separate as he was in another series that dropped later. Pictures: Pretty awesome figure overall. It looks like a got one that had an error with paint application on the side of the lower back, so I’ll need to fix that up.

Mail Day! Topps Project 70 - Andrew McCutchen x Blake Jamieson

These Topps gimmicks like Project 2020 and Project 70 are DANGEROUS . At $20 a card, if you get too into the stuff they’re putting out it can start to add up quick. That in mind, once Project 70 was announced I decided if anything went up as part of the series that I really liked, I would pull the trigger. Looking at Project 2020, some stuff is insanely expensive to get now. I’d rather get it at $20, and risk seeing it second hand at $10 later than still want it and see it trending at $100 on eBay.  Another cool thing is the randomly send out a 1/1 gold frame and some /70 rainbow foils of the card.  The first card I wanted? Player: Andrew McCutchen Card Style: Topps 1959 Artist: Blake Jamieson Number Produced: 3860 How good is this card? Cutch is one of my all time favourites, and it being a Phillies card I HAD to add this one to the collection!

Mail Day! Surprises From Texas!

I had a package show up from my dude Julio this week! I had sent him a batch of Astros/Mets cards late in 2020, and he returned the favour by sending some Phillies/Jays stuff plus some other things tossed in! He threw in a ton of stuff, too much to post, but these are the highlights! This is what makes the card community so good! Swapping to build collections, chatting about new products, and just enjoying the hobby!

Mail Day! Big COMC Order!

I’m slowly pushing through stuff that arrived this week to post on the blog.. so on to my big COMC order that finally arrived! I’m not going to bother trying to split these up into different posts, but this was a pretty sizeable order (two that shipped together, actually) so there’s a lot to include. This order has a little bit of everything, so I’ll just break it down by type.. Project 2020: Celebrities: Wrestling/MMA: The gold card may be hard to see, but it’s a weird all gold card they did at some point, it’s a Billy Gunn card. Football: The Adam Gase card was added to be thrown in as a joke prize next year in a fantasy league. There’s a few New York Jets fans in the league, so there was daily conversation involving Gase in the league chat during last season, haha. Basketball: Baseball: A lot of stuff to go through and organize! For more, check out  this archive  or all my COMC orders & mail days ! 

Mail Day! WWE Topps Finest 2020 Fat Pack

When I ordered my  elite Eddie Guerrero  a couple weeks ago, I was close to free shipping so I threw on a fat pack of WWE Topps Finest. The shipping was more than the pack, so I actually saved money by getting it. For some odd reason, Toys R Us shipped the two items separate, so the cards didn’t arrive until Tuesday. Anyways, I didn’t get much other than a cool Daniel Bryan insert. My pulls! Not bad for a pack of cards that saved me money, haha!

Mail Day! WWE Ultimate Series 9 (Edge & Macho Man)

Another shipment from Ringside!  In an effort to stay 100% on main line ultimates these are the next two additions to the collection! I’m still waiting on Entertainment Earth to ship series 8 (their projected in stock/ship date of Jan 2021 turned into March 2021 it seems.. we’ll see if it happens..), but for now I’m pretty excited to have these. At the time of ordering I didn’t overly care about Macho Man, but ive been excited about Edge from the day it was announced & shown. Edge: Macho Man: Both of these exceed expectations!  If you want to check out other orders I’ve made and received from Ringside Collectibles,  click here  for a master list!