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WWE Elite 83 - Announced Lineup & Predictions

Ringside has announced / put elite 83  up for preorder   so I’m going to get into what was announced and make some predictions on what attires we may see. I think we’ll see these all revealed next week at  Digital Ringside Fest   but it’s fun to try and predict for now. Edge (+ Chase) Sasha Banks King Corbin Drew McIntyre Dusty Rhodes Micheal P.S. Hayes (Store Exclusive) A couple of these were mock-up renders that were shown earlier in the year at SDCC, so that makes things a bit easier.  Edge: With us knowing that the  upcoming Edge Ultimate  will be from Royal Rumble, I think that locks up the Elite and chase attires. He’s only had 3 matches since returning, so you have to assume they hit those two matches here. I think the regular is Wrestlemania 36, and the chase is Backlash 2020. Sasha Banks: We know Sasha based on a reveal at SDCC. I think it’s is an awesome choice, and early on I thought that maybe the chase would be Sasha, and it being her  RAW return  from the night after Summ

eBay - Box Breaks - Topps Gallery 2020 - Philadelphia Phillies

MY FAVOURITE SET OF THE YEAR! I honestly though I had missed out on Gallery, and that it dropped in March or April when I had a lot going on in my life. Thankfully I was wrong, and it's just starting to surface now. This break was 3 monster boxes - so 300 cards total, and each box on average has at least 2 autos.. to me that should add up to around 10ish cards total with roughly a 20% chance at hitting an autograph. Considering I'd be happy with a ton of base cards from this, it seems like good odds I come away pretty happy when the break is all said and done. I’ve gambled on worse odds, that’s for sure! - B R E A K   D E T A I L S -  Series:  Topps Gallery 2020 Break Size:   (3) 2020 Topps Gallery Monster Boxes (100 cards each) Seller:  thehypebreakers Store: YouTube video of break: What did I score in the break? Base - Bryce Harper (x2) Base - Rhys Hoskins (x3) Base - Andrew McCutchen Base - Adam Haseley

Friend Of The Site:

I don't know how often I’ll do these, or if they'll even be a regular thing, but I want to call out the people who are working on some fun content out there. The first entry (as the idea came from their site) has to be my good friend Dave, who is on twitter at @S_ATL_Wrestling , and running his own site at If it wasn't for Dave this blog probably isn't a thing. From getting the blog itself set up and how I want it, to getting the domain registered, to helpful tips we send back and forth, he's been huge in helping me with the blog.  I've followed Dave on twitter for a couple years, and always give his stuff a read when he posts a link back to his site. It's a great range of content - anything from wresting, to sharing people's art, to fast food reviews, to anything in between. His son also does some action figure reviews, which he puts up on the site.  Here are a few recent posts I've liked: A New Day For The New Day Wendy

WWE Elite 81 / Wrestlemania 37 Elites - MOC Photos Released

Ringside dropped photos of Elite 81 & the next Wrestlemania elites  on Instagram  today. I think Elite 81 is a real mixed bag. There’s some stuff I absolutely want, some stuff I may grab if I come across, and some stuff that’s an absolute pass for me. Lineup: Shinsuke Nakamura (w/ Chase) Stunning Steve Austin The Rock Bianca Belair Montez Ford Angelo Dawkins Mae Young (Store Exclusive) (Regular) (Chase) Before getting into anything, they had that massive “CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC” badge on the 2020 Top Talents Elites - I hate it. It’s so big and such an eye sore, completely unnecessary. That being said, there’s nothing in this series I would keep boxed up but I don’t like that it’s seemingly a thing going forward.. Anyways, let’s dive into this: Must Buy: Shinsuke Nakamura (Chase) Angelo Dawkins Montez Ford Maybe I’ll Pick It Up? Who Knows: Bianca Belair The Rock Skipping, Zero Interest: Shinsuke Nakamura (Regular) Mae Young That figure of The Rock is half of something high up on my lis

MAIL DAY! Grand Theft Auto IV / Card Protectors (For Mosaic Pulls)

Today was a nice little mail day with a couple things showing up.  The main item was Grand Theft Auto IV for the PlayStation 3. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me  post a poll  recently asking what the best Grand Theft Auto game was. The intent of this poll was that I would start whichever one won, but it sparked some conversations and through that I found myself wanting to play IV. So yeah.. San Andreas (or “San Andrea” as I typed) won the poll BUT WE’RE ROLLING WITH IV! I had it when I was younger and never actually finished it, so that’s the goal now. Also in the mail today was a few top loaders. I realized when  opening up my Panini Mosaic blaster  that I was short on supplies. I only had 1 protector, but needed a few more for the other rookies I pulled. I grabbed a 10 bundle on eBay, but I’m going to need to hit the card shop and do a sizeable supplies order here soon. 

eBay - Box Breaks - Panini Mosaic / Spectra / XR Football 2020 - Chicago Bears - MY FIRST BIG BREAK HIT!

I hit up something a little different this time around for the breaks. Well.. two things different I guess! 1 - I decided to hit up some football content and 2 - this is a mixed bag of products across two auctions by the same seller. I have some older stuff ordered, but outside of a couple Mitchell Trubisky (and that ship has sailed in Chicago, but that’s a different conversation) cards I don’t have a lot in the way of the Bears current team.  I’m not overly familiar with most card offerings, but I’m especially ignorant when it comes to football. I don’t have a ton of insight on what exactly I jumped into with these breaks, I just know I’m hitting quite a few different products, and I’m hoping that translates to a good range of different cards. I figured this would be better than something like a 4 box break on just Spectra where I could end up with a bunch of dupes. Also an insight into the struggles of these breaks, and how they work. I had my max bid in on the second part of the bre

eBay - Box Breaks - Topps Allen & Ginter 2020 - Philadelphia Phillies

Guess who go bored last night when browsing around on eBay and decided to get in on another break? That’s right, your boy is back at it - diving right into the breaks! I got in on this one for under five American dollars, which if you ask me is DAMN NEAR FREE . Allen & Ginter is a series I love, but as I’ve  said in the past  it’s not one that you’ll get a ton of hits and get rich off of. I’ve purchased two blasters and all I’ve pulled for Phillies players so far is a base Steve Carlton & a Ryan Howard Longball Lore insert so I’m hoping this is the solution to get a few more A&G Phillies cards in my collection. I guess the base Ryan Howard is a short print, so even if I just got that I would be happy! - B R E A K   D E T A I L S -  Series:  Topps Allen & Ginter 2020 Break Size:  10 Retail Blasters Seller:  baltimorecolt eBay Shop: YouTube video of break: Here’s what I came away with: Base - Bryce Harper Ba