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Rants & Rumours: AEW Trading Cards?

I’ve decided to add something new to the site - a little category of posts I’ll call “Rants & Rumours”. This could be anything from me merely touching on some rumours that are out there, to ranting about something that ticks me off. For entry number one I decided I’m going to touch on the (seemingly very realistic) rumour of AEW trading cards coming soon. All of this is 100% based off of the below image found in  THIS  tweet: Based on this, it looks like Upper Deck has the license for their cards. These may not directly say “Upper Deck” but the hologram from their authentic autograph stickers were pointed out to match other Upper Deck products in  this  post. It would have been cool to see Panini scoop up the AEW license since Topps deal with WWE likely has some exclusivity to it, but Upper Deck isn’t bad either. The only thing that Upper Deck steadily releases these days that I’m aware of is hockey, which I don’t really collect. I’m not sure how much of the design falls on Upper

MAIL DAY! AEW Unrivaled Blood & Guts RSC Exclusive 2-Pack

This one kind of came out of no where, huh? It seemed this was always tossed around as an idea for a chase/rare when we knew a Dustin Rhodes figure was coming, but then that figure came with no variant. Even the idea of the figure seemed a bit too violent to actually do for a something that would be sitting in the toy aisles for kids to walk by and look at. Then they went ahead and did it. It seemed like as soon as this was announced it started shipping. I was on the second wave of orders, and I already have it. Less than a month after it was announced, with international shipping! This is a REALLY cool exclusive. Although I don’t hold the match in as high of standing as some, I think it’s awesome they captured it in figure form. It’s one of those big matches early on from AEW that make a ton of sense to do something like this with. Making it an RSC exclusive is smart too, as it means they don’t need to worry about any potential backlash from parents of their kid seeing something so bl

MAIL DAY! Topps Update 2020 - Philadelphia Phillies Break

My package from the  Phillies Topps Update break  I got in on a couple weeks ago finally showed up! Nothing crazy special in here, but I did get a pretty cool Rhys Hoskins patch card, and a Alec Bohm prospect insert! I also got enough base card duplicates to build a house. Pictures:

MAIL DAY! AEW Unrivaled Series 2

All things considered, with some of the emails & news surrounding this series’ release I didn’t think I would see these this quickly. I was pretty fired up when the tracking email came through, and I saw them projected to land here this week. I already had some protectors ready for them when they arrive, as I ordered a few extras on my annual bonus ringside order. I wish they had been available at the time of shipping, but thankfully they seem to have been packed well and arrived in good condition. Like all of the AEW figures, I’ll be keeping these in box. I’ll grab a few from the series to display loose, but the main goal with Unrivaled is to keep 100% on the base series MOC. I’m hoping there’s a wait for series 3 to go up for two reasons: 1) so they can sort out their issues with stock/production/shipping first and 2) so it can be after the holidays when I may not need that money I would use to lock them in. Here’s a few pictures of the figures: The standout for me in Pentagon Jr

MAIL DAY! / Box Breaks - WWE Topps Chrome 2020 - Ricochet

Decided to hit up something a little different a while ago! As you may have seen in some of my previous posts, I have a few WWE cards in my collection. I’ve seen a few pals post online about some stuff that came from some WWE Topps Chrome 2020 hobby boxes, so I figured I would look at some breaks. Obviously WWE is a bit different than most sports/card products - there aren’t teams.  From what I’ve seen there are two different ways people do breaks for WWE cards - 1) they sell spots per wrestler or 2) they sell spots per letter (so you could select R and get R-Truth, Roman Reigns, Ricochet, etc.).  The break that I hit up was selling spots per wrestler, so after looking at what I had and who I wanted in my collection I decided to lock in on Ricochet. I got the spot for $3.25 which is cheaper than you’d usually pay for a spot in a team break, but it makes sense as the odds at a hit are much lower with it being just the one person you’re looking to pull. - B R E A K   D E T A I L S -  Ser

LETHALgames: Madden NFL 21! (& The New PS App)

It’s been a few years since I’ve actually bought Madden, and it wasn’t entirely in my plans for this year. Usually what I would do, just to get the Madden itch out of my system was sign up for a month of EA Play for $5 around March, play it for two weeks, then close down my subscription. Also, I told myself I was scaling back on games right now as there’s no point investing in this gen when I plan to grab a PS5 as early as possible in 2021. Then I updated the PlayStation app and looked at the store. Takeaway number one: the new app rules all kinds of ass. It looks a million times better, and the digital store is so much easier to navigate.  Takeaway number two: This isn’t exclusive to the app, as I came to see they had the category when accessing on console as well, but they have a whole section in the Black Friday sale for games that give you a free upgrade to the PS5 version of the game. I’m still not going to buy a ton of games right now, but this is a game changer. There’s no point

Lets Pull Some Cards! WWE Topps Chrome 2020

Changing it up a bit! The wife did her usual check of the card aisle (I have a keeper) and when she showed me that they had Topps Gallery 2020 (MLB) blasters, I noticed that they had some WWE Chrome in the background. I’m usually not a big fan of all chrome sets, but the cards in this set look really cool. A few friends have bought some blasters and got some cool coloured variants, so I figured why not!? WWE is one of those products where I’m pretty happy with everything, and even though I have my favourites I don’t look to collect anyone specific. Set Checklist (via Cardboard Connection) - Base Cards: Variants (Rainbow Silver & X-Fractor Parallels): Inserts: Mustafa Ali Image Variant - Landscape (w/ Regulars): Pretty cool looking cards! Nothing of value (I think I hit a variant of Mustafa Ali but I doubt it’s worth too much), but a few names that I was surprised to see like Karl Anderson. I wonder when they nee