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Rants & Rumours: WWE & AEW Predictions for 2022

I guess this is going to be an annual thing now, but I’m adding AEW to the mix! If history is any indicator, 80% of what you see here will be wrong. The Usual Stuff: Men’s Royal Rumble Winner: Brock Lesnar Women’s Royal Rumble Winner: Alexa Bliss Men’s Money In The Bank Winner:  Kevin Owens Women’s Money In The Bank Winner: Shotzi Blackheart Wrestlemania 38 Main Event: Roman Reigns (c) vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship Champions To Close The Year: WWE Champion : Drew McIntyre WWE Universal Champion : Roman Reigns WWE Women’s Champion (Raw) : Bayley WWE Women’s Champion (SmackDown) : Shotzi Blackheart WWE Intercontinental Champion : Matt Riddle WWE United States Champion : Bron Breakker WWE Tag Team Champions (Raw) : The Usos WWE Tag Team Champions (SmackDown) : Chad Gable & Otis WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions : Bianca Belair & Toni Storm WWE 24/7 Champion : N/A (see additional predictions) NXT Champion : Grayson Waller NXT Women’s Champion : Elektra Lopez NXT N

Rants & Rumours: 2021 Predictions Followup!

I’m not very good at this! Now that our last show of the year is in the books, it’s time to make the call on the right, the wrong, and the down right awful predictions made by me for 2021! Original predictions:  Rants & Rumours: Predictions For 2021 WWE Correct: Women’s Royal Rumble : Bianca Belair Men’s Money In The Bank : Big E NXT Call Ups:  Shotzi Blackheart, Rhea Ripley, Karrion Kross & Finn Balor moves back to main roster Wrestlemania weekend will include a bigger  Hall of Fame  ceremony this year so last years planned inductees can have their moment & give speeches AJ Styles  will not hold any singles WWE titles in 2021 NXT  will move to a night other than Wednesday night.  Wrong: Men’s Royal Rumble : Brock Lesnar Women’s Money In The Bank : Charlotte Flair WWE Women’s Champion (Raw) : Charlotte Flair WWE Women’s Champion (SmackDown) : Becky Lynch  WWE Champion : Drew McIntyre WWE Universal Champion : Randy Orton WWE Intercontinental Champion : Matt Riddle WWE Tag Te

Let’s Pull Some Cards! Gypsy Queen 2021 (Retail Blaster)

I think that this may have been my favourite series of the year. Usually I have Allen & Ginter up high on my list, but Gypsy Queen topped it this year. The look, the feel, everything is just so good about these cards! This box wasn’t as good as the last one, but still some fun stuff! Base Cards: Rookie Cards: Variants: Inserts: Isaac Pardes 199/250 Variant: This is probably the last of Gypsy Queen 2021 I’ll get, but the set won me over this year. I’ll definitely be getting this again next year when it drops. For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box breaks ! 

Let’s Pull Some Cards! Panini Prestige Football 2021 (Retail Blaster)

If there’s anything I want to start getting more of its football cards… they’re just so hard to actually come by as of late. If I see a chance to get them, I typically will (even if it’s just a fat pack, which are usually a bust). Finding a blaster online at retail price was a surprise, so I grabbed it instantly. Here’s what I ended up with! Base Cards: Rookies: Variants: Inserts: Patch Card: Free Kid Reporter Codes (First To Claim Gets Them!): If anyone wants those kid reporter codes have at them! First come first served! The swift relic was a nice pull, but overall it was a pretty lacklustre blaster. For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box breaks ! 

Let’s Pulls Some Cards! Topps Baseball 2021 Update Series (Retail Hanger)

It’s not even that I love update that much, but the price is right and it’s a good bang for your buck.. so I’m ripping my second hanger and I believe I have another on the way..  Base Cards: Rookies: Inserts: Rookie Inserts: Marcus Semien Advanced Stats 224/300 Variant: It took me a bit to figure out why the Semien card was even /300 since it looks exactly the same. I think the advanced stats idea is really cool. I’ll be sure to post the next one when I get it! For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box breaks ! 

Let’s Pull Some Cards! WWE Topps Chrome 2021 (Retail Blaster)

So something dangerous happened.. amidst my Christmas shopping I found that it’s a relatively easy process to order cards online through Walmart. It’s where I buy most of my stuff, and it eliminates the disappointment of going to an actual store to find nothing. If I open up the app and everything out of stock, whatever.. I wasted 30 seconds instead of going to the store itself.. Anyways, I had a bit of a shopping spree including this blaster so I have a few more posts to come after this one.  Base Cards: Refractors: Image Variations: Inserts & Rookies: Green Variant 37/99 Sami Zayn: Awesome looking set, glad I was able to get a second blaster! For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box breaks !