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Lets Pull Some Cards! WWE Topps Chrome 2021 Retail Blaster

The bulk of my collection is MLB, but my heart is in WWE cards. They don’t hit my area like MLB does, so any time I see something new I’m sure to pick some up.. this time? I finally came across some WWE Topps Chrome 2021! I didn’t hit anything in the way of autos or numbered cards, but it was a fun pull none the less! Here’s what I got! Base Cards: Refractors: Inserts, Photo Variants & Rookies: For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box breaks ! 

Lets Pull Some Cards! Bowman Platinum 2021 Retail Blaster

I didn’t even know Bowman Platinum 2021 dropped! It’s not my favourite series by any means, but it’s usually fun to rip. The foil cards, at least to me, are better than chrome while attempting to achieve a similar style. Last years design wasn’t amazing, so I was happy to see they took a pretty big step away from it. Here’s my pulls! Base Cards (MLB): Base Cards (Prospects): Inserts & Variants: Blue Jays: Rookies: Some fun stuff! The big card highlight of the day was finally getting some sheets and binders to get my base stuff (across multiple collections) sorted. I may take a break for a few weeks on ripping packs, as far as I know nothing is dropping. No point in wasting money on sets that are still kicking around when they don’t overly interest me. For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box breaks ! 

WWE 2021 Draft - Results & Thoughts

WWE in general has been pretty brutal to watch lately at times - sure there's been some good stuff here and there but overall it's been a bit stale and in need of a shake up. The draft couldn't have come at a better time.  Maybe it's just that they do a better job with the talent on Friday nights, but going into the draft the rosters felt so out of balance in Smackdown's favour. It showed in the product too. There was a solid stretch where you could argue that SmackDown was the best wrestling show on TV.. Raw during the same stretch? Arguably the worst the show it's ever been in it's LONG history. A draft has been needed since before Summerslam, but better late than never, right!? Before I get into my takes, I'll post the results (per the official WWE twitter account): I think this draft turned out AWESOME . Was it perfect? no, but it solved a lot of problems and I think there's a lot of reason for optimism.  I'm going to post two sleeper pick up

Lets Pull Some Cards! Panini Prizm Baseball 2021 Retail Blaster

I wasn’t even looking to get any of Prizm this year, it’s a series I don’t really care for (across all sports).. but I wanted to rip cards and my options were this, WNBA, or hockey… so here we are! Here’s my pulls! Base Cards: Inserts: Rookies: Variants: I need to see what the deal is on the Tier II & III cards, cause I pulled a few of those. This set is fine if you like chrome cards and don’t care about licensing.. but I’m generally not a huge fan of chrome and the lack of licensing makes things look cheap to me. A good reminder of why I generally pass on this set! For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box breaks !