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LETHALgames - MLB The Show 21: Remember When? Blue Jays & Micheal Brantley

Oh man.. who else remembers January 20, 2021 when it was reported that the Toronto Blue Jays had signed Micheal Brantley? Less than 24 hours after signing George Springer! How good would this to be offensively!?!! Then we found out the deal wasn’t actually official... then we found out he actually just resigned in Houston. What a punch in the gut. Blue Jays To Sign Michael Brantley — MLB Trade Rumors (@mlbtraderumors) January 20, 2021 Remember that time the Blue Jays signed Micheal Brantley? — LETHAL (@JamesLethal) January 21, 2021 What if though, right?! Well let’s find out what if! The first thing I’m doing with MLB The Show 21 is simulating a season to see how the Toronto Blue Jays would do with the current roster, making notes, deleting that save, and doing the exact same thing only with Brantley on the Blue Jays roster. Not playing a single game, just seeing what the game projects through simulation! Simulation Results (witho

COMC Order - 04-15-2021

It’s been a while, and being relatively dialled in on the Phillies this season has made me look at a lot of the current team and say one of two things: 1) “this guy’s autograph could probably be had for cheap, I should get one soon” OR 2) “I love this guy, but getting their auto is too big of a purchase for me right now”. Try finding a reasonably priced Bryce Harper Phillies auto - my only hope there is hitting one in a break or a massive promotion + bonus at work so I can treat myself. Anyways! I grabbed a few autos, plus some other random singles. I didn’t ship them yet, as according to COMC there’s a worldwide toploader shortage. I’ll wait until that’s not an issue, and I can add toploaders as I want my autographed cards to be protected! Bo Bichette -  2020 Topps Gallery - [Base]   #130 Bo Bichette -  2020 Topps - Decades Next   #DN-13 TJ Zeuch -  2020 Panini Absolute - [Base] - Pink   #144 [2/75] Marcus Stroman -  2014 Panini Donruss The Rookies - [Base] - Signatures Series [A

Mail Day! A Few Random Breaks From Midwest Box Breaks!

Ive been going a bit lighter over the last bit on collectibles in general, as I’ve been keeping finances in check in preparation of buying a house. No real luck on that yet, as the market is a bunch of nonsense right now.. but that’s a story for another day! Over the last couple months (to keep myself sane) I’ve done a few cheap breaks with Midwest Box Breaks, and those just showed up. As the charge to ship to Canada is criminal, Ben generally waits until you’ve done a few breaks to finally ship stuff over the boarder, especially if you didn’t have any big hits which is the case here. Anyways! This is what arrived.. - B R E A K   D E T A I L  S -  Format: Random Team Seller: Midwest Box Breaks Website: Break 1 - Panini Certified Basketball 2020-2021 - Los Angeles Clippers: Break 2 - Panini Diamond Kings 2020 - Pittsburgh Pirates: Break 3 - Panini Diamond Kings 2020 - Arizona Diamondbacks: Break 4 - Panini Donruss Baseball 2021 - Tampa Bay Rays: Nothing grou

Lets Pull Some Cards! Panini Donruss 2021 Baseball (30 Card Fat Pack)

I’m generally not a fan of MLB products that fall under the Panini umbrella, and Donruss is one of those products. The lack of licensing & team logos really makes their baseball stuff feel cheap to me. That being said, I saw a few breaks and I really liked some of the things they did for inserts and variants this year. The Walmart I normally shop at had blasters (88 cards), hanger boxes (50 cards) and fat packs (30 cards) so it’s a product that seems relatively well stocked which is nice to see. Since I merely just wanted to have some fun pulling cards, all I grabbed was a 30 card fat pack. Anyways! My pulls… Base cards: Short Print Variants: Rookies: Inserts/Coloured Variants: All I really wanted in the whole checklist was the UNLEASHED Bryce Harper, so I’m SUPER stoked to have gotten that!

NJPW Super 7 Kazuchika Okada

I don’t think I’ve ever waited longer for a figure in my life. That’s not a comment on my excitement, it’s a comment on the literal time between ordering and receiving it. I ordered this figure in May 20, 2020 and received it on April 6, 2021. A month and a half short of a full year - I honestly forgot I even ordered it for a large block of time. That said I get it, it seems like the pandemic really pushed back production for Super 7. Anyways! Some pictures! Was it worth the wait? I think so.  The initial photos of these looked GREAT, then photos of the final product didn’t look that good so my expectations were low. That being said, having it in hand it’s a pretty awesome figure. I was planning to open it, but I think I’m keeping it boxed. I really like the packaging. You can tell that Super 7 geared the product to collectors vs those who actually play with figures.  If you want to check out other orders I’ve made and received from Ringside Collectibles,  click here  for a master list

Ringside Collectibles Orders - Master List

Continuing on with the trend of posting master lists of items I’m frequently posting, I’m doing one for my RSC orders! Orders made: 09-02-2020  - Kevin Owens, Rey Fenix & WALTER 09-05-2020  - AEW Protectors, Bayley, Bray Wyatt, Brian Kendrick, Kenny Omega, Kyle O’Reilly & Ricochet 11-05-2020  - Edge & Micheal Hayes ——— Orders received: MAIL DAY! September Ringside Collectibles Order! MAIL DAY! AEW Unrivaled Series 2 MAIL DAY! AEW Unrivaled Blood & Guts RSC Exclusive 2-Pack MAIL DAY! Rey Fenix (Unrivaled 2), Kevin Owens (Elite 80) & WALTER (Ringside Exclusive) MAIL DAY! Elite 83 Edge & Micheal PS Hayes MAIL DAY! AEW Unrivaled Series 3 MAIL DAY! Pentagon Jr (AEW Unrivaled 2) MAIL DAY! Orange Cassidy (AEW Unrivaled 3) Mail Day! WWE Elites! Finn Balor (Elite 82) & Street Profits (Elite 81) Mail Day! WWE Ultimate Series 9 (Edge & Macho Man) NJPW Super 7 Kazuchika Okada (Last Update To List: 4/7/2021)

Mail Day! Topps Project 70 - Satchel Paige x DJ Skee

Another Project 70 card! The thing with these cards is as much as I love a lot of the players getting cool specialized cards, sometimes the designs are too fun to pass up. I love baseball but I’m no historian by any means. I didn’t even know much of who Satchel Paige was, but DJ Skee’s play on the  cover of Nas’ “Illmatic” album  was too fun to pass up. The details: Player:  Satchel Paige Card Style:  1965 Topps Baseball Artist:  DJ Skee Number Produced: 5368 That *may* be it for me with Project 70, unless something drops that I need to have before it’s over. No other cards are in transit as of now.