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Mail Day! Multiple Breaks From Midwest Box Breaks

A much anticipated mail day! Had a good bundle of stuff from Ben & the fine folks at Midwest Box Breaks! Heritage High Numbers 2021 - Arizona Diamondbacks: Heritage High Numbers 2021 - Boston Red Sox: Stadium Club Chrome 2021 - Cincinnati Reds: Contenders 2021 - Nationals & Archives Snapshots 2020 - Chicago White Sox: Triple Threads 2021 - Arizona Diamondbacks: Solid mail day! Hopefully my next mail day is one for supplies as I have a ton of sorting to do, haha!

Let’s Pull Some Cards! Topps WWE 2021 (Retail Blaster)

I went looking for more Heritage and had no luck… but WWE’s 2021 base series was on the shelf so I grabbed that! I’m not sure if this is a new or old set for the year, but I hadn’t seen if previously so it’s something new for me! Here’s what I got in the box! Base Cards: Variants & Rookies: Inserts: Bobby Lashley Wrestlemania 35 Mat Relic: Kind of a boring set, but I’ll never say no to wrestling cards when I see them on the shelf - especially if it’s a product I’ve never ripped before! For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box breaks ! 

Mail Day! COMC Order (Inventory Clear-out)

It hit me a little while back that I’ve had a few cards just sitting in my COMC inventory that I never went through the steps to have them shipped. I got them shipped, but I’m cheap so I chose the slowest option.. they ended up landing just before Christmas so it was like an early present to myself! Mostly just so additions for the Jays & Phillies collections, but some other fun stuff as well. Also, how smooth is Aaron Nola’s signature!?  For more, check out  this archive  or all my COMC orders & mail days

Let’s Pull Some Cards! Topps WWE Heritage 2021 (Retail Blaster)

I’ve been waiting for this series to hit for a while. Even since the leaks of the Allen & Ginter designs were out I knew I wanted in on whatever series the landed in. It only makes sense that it would be Heritage! Base Cards: Variants: Rookies: Sticker Cards: Miz Inserts: Allen & Ginter Inserts: Other Inserts: This retail blaster felt like an insane value for its price. A lot of really cool, well designed cards for a low price. No huge hits, but that doesn’t bother me when the cards are as cool as these ones. If I see it again I’ll be grabbing another box! For more, check out  this archive  or all my pack & box breaks ! 

Mail Day! Upper Deck AEW Series 1 Card #0 - CM Punk

I still haven’t managed to get my hands on AEW cards, but I did lock in their first card through Upper Deck’s online/on demand service. As a fan of both CM Punk and AEW this is a really cool card to have in the collection. In the event I ever actually send stuff off for grading, I think I’ll be including this one.