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Taking A Little Break, I’ll Be Back!

For anyone who actively checks the blog, I just want to mention two things: Thank you for actively looking to see if I’ve added new posts. It’s extremely appreciated. You may notice it’s been a bit since I’ve posted. I started the blog as an extra little hobby when I had some down time, and I honestly just haven’t had that lately. Additionally, I’ve eased up on collecting figures and cards a bit in the last few months. Between work being hectic, life being exhausting, and me & my family hunting for our first home,  the two things that drive the blog have taken a hit -  my mental capacity/free time for the blog  and my additional spending $ that drives the collecting hobby. I’ll be back, it just may be a few weeks-to-months before I’m back at it like I was before. I need to jump over these few hurdles in life before getting back to blogging on the regular. Thank you to anyone who checked in! See you all soon!