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Mail Day! COMC Order From Ages Ago!

First post in a while! They’ll be few and far between for the next bit. I’m in the process of buying a house and to say that the up front costs have cut into my collecting habits is an understatement. Not a lot of expendable income for the next bit. I may do some posts here and there of stuff I didn’t blog about while I was taking a break, though!

Anyways! This COMC order took ages. I bought the card in February, then waiting a month or so before even requesting to have them shipped (which at that point I chose the slowest possible shipping). It was a mix of stuff, but the stand outs for me on this one were the classic NBA rookie cards. I wanted to get some rookie cards of some of the stars I liked when I was growing up, so even though these aren’t currently that valuable I’m pretty excited to have them!

Classic NBA:

Recent NBA:

MLB - Phillies & Jays:


MLB - Project 2020 Mike Trout (Blake Jameison x Ben Baller):


NFL - Greg Olsen BCCG 10 Rookie:

Not a bad little haul! I have some more stuff just sitting in my COMC inventory that I need to ship soon, but I want to do so once I grab a couple more things. By the time I get around to buying a few more cards and ship it, it will probably be 2022 before I see that stuff haha. Ah well!

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