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NJPW Super 7 Kazuchika Okada

I don’t think I’ve ever waited longer for a figure in my life. That’s not a comment on my excitement, it’s a comment on the literal time between ordering and receiving it. I ordered this figure in May 20, 2020 and received it on April 6, 2021. A month and a half short of a full year - I honestly forgot I even ordered it for a large block of time. That said I get it, it seems like the pandemic really pushed back production for Super 7.

Anyways! Some pictures!

Was it worth the wait? I think so. 

The initial photos of these looked GREAT, then photos of the final product didn’t look that good so my expectations were low. That being said, having it in hand it’s a pretty awesome figure.

I was planning to open it, but I think I’m keeping it boxed. I really like the packaging. You can tell that Super 7 geared the product to collectors vs those who actually play with figures. 

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