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Lets Pull Some Cards! Panini Donruss 2021 Baseball (30 Card Fat Pack)

I’m generally not a fan of MLB products that fall under the Panini umbrella, and Donruss is one of those products. The lack of licensing & team logos really makes their baseball stuff feel cheap to me. That being said, I saw a few breaks and I really liked some of the things they did for inserts and variants this year. The Walmart I normally shop at had blasters (88 cards), hanger boxes (50 cards) and fat packs (30 cards) so it’s a product that seems relatively well stocked which is nice to see. Since I merely just wanted to have some fun pulling cards, all I grabbed was a 30 card fat pack.

Anyways! My pulls…

Base cards:

Short Print Variants:


Inserts/Coloured Variants:

All I really wanted in the whole checklist was the UNLEASHED Bryce Harper, so I’m SUPER stoked to have gotten that!