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LETHALgames - MLB The Show 21: Remember When? Blue Jays & Micheal Brantley

Oh man.. who else remembers January 20, 2021 when it was reported that the Toronto Blue Jays had signed Micheal Brantley? Less than 24 hours after signing George Springer! How good would this to be offensively!?!!

Then we found out the deal wasn’t actually official... then we found out he actually just resigned in Houston. What a punch in the gut.

What if though, right?!

Well let’s find out what if! The first thing I’m doing with MLB The Show 21 is simulating a season to see how the Toronto Blue Jays would do with the current roster, making notes, deleting that save, and doing the exact same thing only with Brantley on the Blue Jays roster. Not playing a single game, just seeing what the game projects through simulation!

Simulation Results (without Micheal Brantley):
Record: 77-85
Post Season Result: N/A!
World Series Winner: Chicago White Sox
Other Relevant Results: Fisher Cats become AA Champions

Simulation Results (with Micheal Brantley):
Record: 86-76
Post Season Result: N/A!
World Series Winner: San Diego Padres

There you have it! No need to worry about the Jays not getting Brantley! All he does it turn them from a non-playoff team with a losing record to a non-playoff team with a winning record. Still a bunch of scrubs!