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Mail Day! Topps Project 70 - Andrew McCutchen x Blake Jamieson

These Topps gimmicks like Project 2020 and Project 70 are DANGEROUS. At $20 a card, if you get too into the stuff they’re putting out it can start to add up quick. That in mind, once Project 70 was announced I decided if anything went up as part of the series that I really liked, I would pull the trigger. Looking at Project 2020, some stuff is insanely expensive to get now. I’d rather get it at $20, and risk seeing it second hand at $10 later than still want it and see it trending at $100 on eBay. 

Another cool thing is the randomly send out a 1/1 gold frame and some /70 rainbow foils of the card. 

The first card I wanted?

Player: Andrew McCutchen
Card Style: Topps 1959
Artist: Blake Jamieson
Number Produced: 3860

How good is this card? Cutch is one of my all time favourites, and it being a Phillies card I HAD to add this one to the collection!