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LETHALgames - NBA 2K20: Atlanta Hawks Franchise *MID SEASON!*

So I’ve been bored, and looking for something to sink my teeth into while I wait it out for a PS5. I decided to go back go NBA, but I’m not wasting my money on 2K21, so I’m firing up 2K20! I took to Twitter to help me decide on a team other than my usuals of the New York Knicks or Toronto Raptors.
The winner? The Atlanta Hawks!

This is how I’m setting things up:

Team: Atlanta Hawks

Season Length: 28 games 

Quarter Length: 4 minutes

SIM Quarter Length: 5 minutes

Game Difficulty: All-Star

My plan is to not make too many unrealistic roster moves, and to keep it as true to the team I started with as possible. This is the roster to kick off the season: 

Point Guards - 

  • T Young
  • J Teague
  • B Goodwin

Shooting Guards -

  • K Huerter
  • D Bremby
  • C Brown Jr

Small Forwards - 

  • D Hunter
  • C Reddish
  • T Graham

Power Forwards - 

  • J Collins
  • S Labissiere
  • V Carter

Centres - 

  • C Capela
  • D Jones
  • B Fernando
  • D Dedmon

So how’d it go?

GAME 1: @ Suns [ RESULT W - 47-26 ]

*DIFFICULTY CHANGE - All-Star to Superstar*

GAME 2: @ Thunder [ RESULT L - 20-54 ]

*DIFFICULTY CHANGE - Superstar to All-Star*

GAME 3: @ Lakers [ RESULT L - 38-45 ]

GAME 4: @ Pelicans [ RESULT W 57-55 (2OT) ]

GAME 5: vs Rockets [ RESULT L 39-46 ] *simulated in error*

GAME 6: @ Pacers [ RESULT W 45-41 ]

GAME 7: vs Wizards [ RESULT L - 45-48 ]

GAME 8: vs Grizzlies [ RESULT W - 57-51 ]

GAME 9: vs Nets [ RESULT L - 38-49 ]

GAME 10: vs Trail Blazers [ RESULT W - 45-37 ]

GAME 11: vs Mavericks [ RESULT L - 40-51 ]

GAME 12: vs Kings [ RESULT W - 40-38 ]

GAME 13: vs Bucks [ RESULT W - 57-33 ]
GAME 14: @ Heat [ RESULT W - 49 - 30 ]


8 W - 6L (5th in East)

Two games in and I can tell that finding the right difficulty to play on is going to be tough. Play on All-Star? Dominate and win by 21. Play on Superstar? Get blown out and lose by 34. After trying it out, it seems the Suns are just bad. I went back to All-Star and lost vs the Lakers, and squeaked out a win vs the Pelicans, both of which are better teams than the Hawks.

Playing this has been fun. I only engaged in trade talks with teams who started them with me. This lead to two pickups - Blake Griffin and Buddy Hield. Because of this I was forced to get used to some newer players in the game, and adjust my style to their strengths. 

The “big three” of the team half way is Young, Collins & Hield. I’m hitting half way at 5th in the east on a 3 game winning streak, with the last two being pretty big blow outs. 

Will I ever finish this season? Maybe? I suck at keeping at these things and not moving on to a new mode or game. Plus if I luck out and get my hands on a PS5, there’s a high chance I never load up this game again.