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AEW Unrivaled - Series 4 Linueup Confirmed! (+ A New Series!?)

Looks like some things have started to surface regarding series 4 of AEW Unrivaled from Jazwares. In addition to the below picture, it seems Jeremy Padawer also confirmed this via Twitter.

I like this lineup! A lot are complaining that we’re getting more figures of Kenny and Cody already. I’m most excited for Santana and Ortiz, but Sammy may be good based on the earlier photos we saw. 

It also seems, based on a tweet from Wrestling Figure News Source (originally also coming from Jeremy) on Twitter that there will be a second AEW series coming from Jazwares. Curious to see what this will be about.

UPDATE! (01/21/2021)

It looks like another photo surfaced!