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Sunday Showcase: New Day Elite Wrestlemania 32 / Booty O’s 3-Pack

I absolutely LOVE this set, and I love The New Day. The only thing that stinks about this set is that it’s capturing a moment from Wrestlemania 32, which is hands down the worst Wrestlemania in recent years. There wasn’t much worth remembering from the event, and the card suffered from a lot of injuries to key players during the build to the show.


The packaging is the star of the show here. Having them come in a Booty O’s box is a hilariously cool touch to begin with, but when you consider the entrance at Wrestlemania 32, there isn’t a better idea you could possibly roll with for this set. 

I think they captured E, Kofi, and Woods quite well, although I always found the Kofi scan to be a bit weird in the face. The attires made for the set already having quite a few accessories, but I would have liked to see a tag title on Big E and Kofi Kingston. I like capturing the full moment, and even though they weren’t defending the titles that was part of a historic run with the belts for the trio.

This set doesn’t get much love / isn't talked about much these days. I feel like this product is to thank for the short lived Epic Moments sets from Mattel. If this didn’t do well and show there was a market for 3-packs / accessory heavy two packs, I’m not sure we’d see things like the Festival of Friendship, Undisputed Era, and other Epic Moments sets that Mattel dropped.