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MAIL DAY! / Box Breaks - WWE Topps Chrome 2020 - Jinder Mahal, Roderick Strong & WALTER + A Single Card Purchase

After hitting up the Ricochet break a couple weeks ago, I decided I liked what I saw in the series and decided to sneak in on multiple wrestlers for cheap when this breaker put up some more auctions. At this point I hadn’t seen any of the series in my town, although that would change after I ended up doing this break.

I ended up grabbing the following wrestlers for this break:
  • Jinder Mahal
  • Roderick Stong

- B R E A K   D E T A I L S - 
WWE Topps Chrome 2020
Break Size:
8 Hobby Boxes 
YouTube video of break:

Here were my cards from the break:

Jinder Mahal: (1 insert)

Roderick Strong: (4 base / 2 rainbow silver)

WALTER: (5 base / 2 rainbow silver)

No big hits, but still a good time! I hope WWE Chrome is a series that’s here to stay for a few years!

After hitting only one Jinder, which I found strange, I hit up the sets checklist to see what he had in the set. I thought for sure he had a base card, but nope! Only the shocking wins insert + an autograph equivalent of the shocking wins insert. Once I knew there was an autographed card out there commemorating the crowing of the 50th and greatest WWE champion of all time, I knew I needed to scope it out, and buy it on its own.

Good mail day for the WWE card collection!