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COMC Order - 12-21-2020

These long, boring episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw need to stop. It’s bad for my wallet. They turn into 3 hour sessions of boredom browsing. 

Anyways, I picked away at a small (in terms of money spent) COMC order. Nothing major in terms of autos or relics, just some cool cards I had been eyeing up. One thing I just discovered that I got a few of on this order were Topps “First Pitch” cards. Basically they’re just cards to capture moments where musicians & celebrities throw out the ceremonial first pitch. They’re pretty cheap in terms of value, and I think they’re super cool.

This order:
  • Lars Ulrich2015 Topps - First Pitch #FP-22
  • Johnny Knoxville2016 Topps Chrome - First Pitch #FPC-10
  • Kelsey Grammer2015 Topps - First Pitch #FP-16
  • Craig Sager2016 Topps Update Series - First Pitch #FP-9
  • Mase2017 Topps - First Pitch #FP-23
  • Biz Markie2015 Topps - First Pitch #FP-05
  • Tom Morello2015 Topps - First Pitch #FP-11
  • Warren G2016 Topps Update Series - First Pitch #FP-3
  • Jabbawockeez2017 Topps - First Pitch Series 2 #FP-30
  • 50 Cent2015 Topps - First Pitch #FP-14
  • Morris Peterson2000-01 Upper Deck MVP - [Base] #195
  • Fabulous Freebirds1991 Impel WCW - [Base] #127
  • Sting1991 Impel WCW - [Base] #7
  • Billy Gunn1999-05 Danbury Mint 22K Gold WWF/E - [Base] #5
  • Mitchell Trubisky2019 Panini Origins - [Base] - Orange #19
  • Mirko Cro Cop2010 Topps UFC Series 4 - [Base] #6
  • Bo Bichette2016 Bowman Draft - [Base] #BD-74
  • Anthony Kay2020 Bowman - [Base] #17
  • Ken Griffey Jr 2020 Topps Project 2020 - [Base] #88
  • Derek Jeter 2020 Topps Project 2020 - [Base] #93

Some fun stuff! I love the designs of those Project 2020 cards!

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