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MAIL DAY! September Ringside Collectibles Order!

This one was a BIG one! I ordered this stuff back in September when I got a bonus at work, and to be honest, I kind of forgot that I did. Forgotten to the point that when I got the shipping email I just assumed it was a different order. It wasn’t until I actually went into my account and order history that I realized it was this one. Anyways! Here’s the goods!

MOC Additions:
  • Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt Ringside Exclusive

  • Brian Kendrick Ringside Exclusive

  • Protector Cases (For Series 1 & 2 of AEW Unrivaled)

The Firefly Funhouse figure had packaging that I both love and hate. I don’t know what this trend with exclusive figures and Mattel is, but it needs to stop. They’re doing some insanely cool designs, but if you’re a true MOC collectors these suck. Just like the SDCC Mr. T, you can’t see the figure without opening some part of the box. It stinks.

The Kendrick figure is cool, and I’m glad to finally have some protectors for Series 1 (and 2, whenever it shows up) for the AEW figures.

Loose Additions:
  • Bayley (Elite 80)

  • Ricochet (Elite 80)

  • Kyle O’Reilly (Elite 80)

  • Kenny Omega (Unrivaled 1)

All of these loose figures kicks ass in their own way. I appreciate the Kenny figure A LOT more having it out of the box, and I had to add the AEW title to i t since I think it’s a lock he takes it in early December. The only thing I dislike that I hadn’t seen mentioned much online is the skin toned joints in the groin. If these were black to match the tights they wouldn’t stand out nearly as much.

 Bayley isn’t getting enough love online, Mattel absolutely nailed it on this one. Like Kenny I had to add a title to her, since she’s without a doubt the greatest Women’s champion in SmackDown history. Rico and KOR are both spot on too, and will fill out the loose collection nicely. Mattel messed up on the paint application order for Ricochet it seems, as the tattoo art is overtop of the wrist paint. I may dig out a white paint pen to fix it on this one, but apparently Mattel fixed the issue for later runs of the figure.

I’m satisfied with this order, to say the least! It had been a while since a good order of figures showed up, so this one helped scratch that itch!