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Let’s Pulls Some Cards! - Allen & Ginter 2020 Retail Blaster

Like anyone who buys cards can tell you, times have been tough finding anything current at retail when it comes to cards. For that reason, if I see something that’s current year when shopping I’ll generally pick it up. A few weeks ago when shopping at Walmart I came across a 2020 blaster of Allen & Ginter, so I decided to grab it. It’s actually the second blaster ive grabbed, but this will be my first one I’ll use for a post on the blog. Below are the box art and odds for parallels, autos, etc.

I absolutely love the card art on Allen & Ginter, it’s my second favourite annual release next to Topps Gallery. If you’ve never bought this series before then you may not know they have some weird, fun stuff in here - farm animals, historic buildings, other non-baseball people of fame, and whatever else! You may not get rich buying Allen & Ginter, but you’ll  have a blast ripping packs and wondering what’s next.

Anyways, these were the highlights (for me) from this box:

There’s legitimately nothing at all special about this Mike Clevinger card, but I think it looks awesome. The tattoo sleeve pops, and using a “less professional” photo (with the hat off) really makes the card stand out next to others in the series.




* side note: Ryan Howard is one of my all time faves, was excited to pull that one *

Minis (another fun thing in A&G):

I had a couple examples of some non-baseball cards, although one actually tied back to baseball: