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eBay - Box Breaks - Donruss Optic Baseball 2020 - Philadelphia Phillies

Card collecting is a ton of fun, and there's so much in the hobby to be discovered. The newest thing I've gotten into is getting into breaks online. Basically, a seller gets a good haul of hobby boxes, and put things up by team (or even players sometimes) and you bid on that team (or player). Whatever they pull that fits what you've won the bid for, you get. It's a good way for them to make good money, and a good way to collect for people who enjoy collected specific teams. It's also a massive gamble as you have no clue what or how much of your team will even get pulled. In this case, it wasn’t great.. if I was a Braves fan though? Someone ended up getting a /5 Ronald Acuna Jr. autograph.

This is my first break, so I was pretty excited. I didn't watch all of the break live because it started at midnight my time, but I watched the first bit.

If you follow or know me I support two teams primarily - The Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays have too many hot rookies to score a break at any real value, but the Phillies have nothing other than Alec Bohm and and under performing Bryce Harper to be excited about so I slid in on this break pretty cheap.

- B R E A K   D E T A I L S - 
Series: Donuss Optic Baseball 2020
Break Size: 3 Hobby Boxes
Seller: *niks-naks*
YouTube video of break: 

What did I get? (*SPOILER*: Not a lot!)

  • Base - Bryce Harper
  • Base - Rhys Hoskins
  • Base - Aaron Nola (x2)
  • Base (Rated Rookie) - Deivy Grullon
  • Insert - Bryce Harper (Stained Glass)

All said, breaks are A LOT of fun. It gives you a good look at the kind of stuff a series has to offer, and you’re bound to get SOMETHING even if they aren’t cards to get you rich/brag home about. That’s why you bid on your favourite team, right?

Am I bummed my first break was a bit of a bust? Sure, I maybe had some high expectation on them after my buddy Julio scored a /25 DeGrom auto card in one of them. That being said, I’m not put off of the idea of them. I already hopped into a break for today (10/22/2020) of Phillies stuff from Topps Stadium Club 2020  Fingers crossed I’ll have more to blog about from that one.