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AEW Unrivaled - Series 2 - Figure Reveals

With them being set to (hopefully) ship any time now, Jazwares has had AEW wrestlers dropping pictures of their series 2 figures. I have these locked in on Ringside, so I can’t wait for them to ship. Series two contains the following:
  • Jon Moxley (w/ “Rare” variant 1/500)
  • Maxwell Jacob Friedman (w/ Chase variant 1/1000)
  • “Hangman” Adam Page
  • Dustin Rhodes
  • Fenix
  • Pentagon Jr.
Below is what’s been posted with my takes:

Jon Moxley:



(Regular - MOC)

(Rare - MOC)

I think they nailed it on this one. I’m not sure what I think about the regular version of the figure having a scar above his eye, but I assume that’s accurate to whatever event they’re capturing. The “rare” is a neat idea, but not something I overly care about. It was a fun segment, but not one that I was like “man, I need this captured in an action figure!”. I initially thought the “rare” may have been him in his tights, until it was pointed out that he never rocked that look in AEW and it was more so a NJPW thing. With the going rate on “rare” AEW figures being $1250+ (here’s an eBay listing for the series one Cody “rare” at $1350, the cheapest I currently can find) I have no problem getting only the regular edition of Mox.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman:



(Regular - MOC)

(Chase - MOC)

I’m not sure what changed with this head scan, as when they were shown MONTHS ago the scan looked a lot better. Now it looks a bit chubbier, but I still think the scan is outstanding. It’s everything you’d expect, the regular coming with his commonly used red tights, trademark scarf, and a microphone. The chase is really cool, but I find it strange that it seemingly doesn’t come with the scarf. Having the Dynamite Dozen ring is an incredible touch, especially as it’s something that’s lasted beyond him winning it, with him using it to cheat in matches.

* UPDATE (10/21/2020): not only does the chase have the scarf, it has a different one! Kind of bummed you can’t see the ring, though. I feel like swapping the packaging styles would have been beneficial to show off the chase having the Dynamite Dozen ring. All this doesn’t matter though, as I doubt I’ll ever see one.

“Hangman” Adam Page:

When this line was announced initially this is the figure I was most excited for. I think they knocked it out of the park, and is probably my third favourite figure in the series (Lucha Bros have the top 2 spots). I’m a little bit bummed that once we finally got a figure, he switched things up to tights which makes this figure outdated. Where I’m keeping my unrivalled figures MOC it doesn’t bother me a ton, but I was considering getting a second to add to the loose shelf if series 2 landed at retail in my area.

Dustin Rhodes:

My least anticipated figure of the series. It’s absolutely well done, I just.... don’t care about Dustin Rhodes in 2020. I find it strange it’s not packed with any accessories - did he not have a coat or SOMETHING during his entrance from this match? To me the lack of accessories makes it stand out (in a bad way) amongst the other figures. Hell, even Brandi had a sledgehammer in series 1.

UPDATE (10/15/2020): my buddy Scope (@FScopers on Twitter) pointed out that Brandi in fact did NOT come with a sledge hammer, but it was Cody that had it. I think they showed her holding it in the commercial, that must had warped my memory of how they were packaged. Opps!


Fenix, when it comes to purely in ring aspects of professional wrestling, may be my favourite in the game right now. I truly believe that he is pound for pound the best in the world between those ropes. Since I first saw both him and Pentagon Jr on Lucha Underground I’ve been eagerly awaiting some company to make some legitimately good figures of these two. I think that they knocked them both out the park. I currently have a second Fenix ordered to display loose, and I’m hoping that RSC gets some extra allocation from Jazwares for series 2 so I can lock in a second Pentagon Jr as well. I have a good feeling they will as a recent post ringside made about Pentagon’s figure said “Coming Soon”.

Pentagon Jr.:

This legitimately may be my figure of the year. It’s probably this, The Fiend (Elite 77), Charlotte Flair (Ultimate Series 6) or Kevin Owens (Elite 80). I think they hit every aspect of Pentagon’s look perfectly, and although I love some of his other attires, I think it’s great they went for the standard black & white. I think he over does it with the “Cero Miedo” stuff during matches in AEW, but having those alternate hands for the figure is a great touch. I like this figure enough that if it doesn’t go in stock on ringside again, and doesn’t hit retail here, I’ll likely spend an amount I’ll regret to have it added to my loose shelf. It’s too good of a figure not to.