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MAIL DAY! COMC Order (Part 5: Andre Dawson + Other Baseball)

One of my bigger shipments of cards from COMC finally landed, and I’m going to split it into a few posts.

Part 1: Bo Bichette
Part 5: Andre Dawson + Other Baseball [this post] 
Part 6: WWE + MMA

Back with part 5 for some more baseball content!



Andre Dawson - 

Rookies - 

Relics -

Multi-Sport Athletes - 

Autograph (Nelson Cruz) -


This is where we get into me saying “I liked this guy growing up!” and buying some cards. I’m also a sucker for cards capturing dual sport athletes in their lesser sport, so I had to grab the MJ & Tebow cards.

For more, check out this archive or all my COMC orders & mail days