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MAIL DAY! COMC Order (Part 4: Chicago Bears + Other Football)

One of my bigger shipments of cards from COMC finally landed, and I’m going to split it into a few posts.

Part 1: Bo Bichette
Part 4: Chicago Bears + Other Football [this post]
Part 6: WWE + MMA

Let’s change gears and post some football gets! Mostly Chicago Bears, but a couple other goodies in there..


Non-Bears - 

Current Bears - 

Former Bears - 


Buying singles, for the most part, is how I’ll build my bears collection. Where I’m at, boxes of NFL cards in store are nearly impossible to find. I have some other cards from the current squad coming, but on this order I got a few cards from the Bears teams when I first got into the sport. It’s nothing special but I LOVE that triple patch card of Cutler, Forte and Marshall. The Mike Adamle was a must have as a Bears/Wrestling fan.

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