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MAIL DAY! COMC Order (Part 1: Bo Bichette)

One of my bigger shipments of cards from COMC finally landed, and I’m going to split it into a few posts.

Part 1: Bo Bichette [this post]
Part 6: WWE + MMA

Anyways.. I ordered so much Jays stuff that I needed to do separate “Bo Bichette” & “Toronto Blue Jays” posts. I went pretty heavy on beefing up my Bichette collection through these orders, so this post is dedicated to that!



Stadium Club 2020 - Oversized box topper + standard card

Relics from before rookie year -

Base cards + rookie cards -

Bowman Draft 2018 (graded - 9.0)


I’m pretty happy with these additions, so say the least! I’m going to try and find a frame for this and the Vlad Jr (which will be in the next post) oversized box toppers. I figure I could hang them up by my desk and they would look pretty nice!

For more, check out this archive or all my COMC orders & mail days