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Various Un-Blogged Figure Purchases!

I didn’t really have much in the way of stuff showing up this week since my cards & figures showed up on Monday, so I figured I would make a post to recap a couple orders I've done over the last bit that I didn't end up tracking on the blog. There were a few figures I planned to display loose so I ordered them in places that I didn't overly care about shipping & packing jobs. One order was on Entertainment Earth, which I had ordered from before to get the Mr. T. SDCC exclusive. The other order was from a site I had never used before, but friends told me they had and it was legit - Deep Discount.


Entertainment Earth Order - 09-08-2020
  • Ultimate Series 7
    • "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt
    • "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan

Grabbing these through E.E. saved me a good amount as 1) they were listed at a cheaper price and 2) the shipping charges weren't as ludicrous as they are on RSC. The only downside to this, is I believe they get their stock later, so their pre-orders aren't slated to ship until January. Those who ordered on Ringside Collectibles already have the figures in hand. I wasn't in any kind of rush, so getting them late is well worth the money saved.

Deep Discount - 09-25-2020
  • John Morrison - Elite 82
  • King Corbin - Elite 83
  • Keith Lee - Elite 82

When I ordered these, they showed an available date of "11/01/2020" which I knew wasn't right as King Corbin was set to be in Elite 83, and that still felt a ways off. Looking now they're all updated to a date of "12/26/2020" which seems a lot more realistic. These were all only $17.97 which is MUCH cheaper than I'm used to seeing for pre-orders. The other great part is that the shipping for all three was only $9.99. Normally for three figures I'd be looking at shipping around $25-30 with Ringside Collectibles so seeing this at checkout was a welcome surprise.


Like I said with both, I'm getting the figures way later (than if I ordered on RSC), and probably with less care going into the packing and shipping but I don't care too much. All of these are figures I wanted, but didn't NEED right away. It'll make for a good start to 2021!