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MAIL DAY! AEW Unrivaled Blood & Guts RSC Exclusive 2-Pack

This one kind of came out of no where, huh? It seemed this was always tossed around as an idea for a chase/rare when we knew a Dustin Rhodes figure was coming, but then that figure came with no variant. Even the idea of the figure seemed a bit too violent to actually do for a something that would be sitting in the toy aisles for kids to walk by and look at.

Then they went ahead and did it.

It seemed like as soon as this was announced it started shipping. I was on the second wave of orders, and I already have it. Less than a month after it was announced, with international shipping!

This is a REALLY cool exclusive. Although I don’t hold the match in as high of standing as some, I think it’s awesome they captured it in figure form. It’s one of those big matches early on from AEW that make a ton of sense to do something like this with. Making it an RSC exclusive is smart too, as it means they don’t need to worry about any potential backlash from parents of their kid seeing something so bloody in the toy section.

I’m not sure I would even buy this set if I didn’t have a collection of MOC figures. I don’t see much point in having them loose, and the non bloody variants of both in the regular line are MUCH better. That being said, as a MOC piece this is outstanding. The packaging steals the show, and it definitely grabs your attention. Between this and the “Little Bit Of The Bubbly” Chris Jericho, Jazwares and Ringside have set the bar high for exclusives. I’m excited to see what may be next in the way of RSC exclusives. 


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