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Need Protectors For Relic Cards? Use This!

At the same time I ordered the Bo Bitchette card from my previous post, I also ordered a one touch case and in typical newbie fashion I ordered the wrong size. With all the different size relic cards out there, how on earth is someone supposed to know what to buy!? There’s a tool, that’s how!

BCW (who makes various types of protectors for cards) has produced this, and you can print off (and even cut to store in a standard top-loader - the cut lines are on the PDF, see pics below for what I did) and simply just compare card thickness to in order to determine what size you need to get for a top-loader or one-touch to protect your favorite card(s)!

When I originally ordered a one touch without this? I ordered one that was for a 260pt card (which is a size that’s not even listed here). What should I have gotten, based on the tool? A protector for a 130pt card. I overshot it by DOUBLE!

Even if you’re confident about it, if it’s something for a card you already have in hand, it’s worth printing this baby off to give things a look to be safe!

Hope this helps at least one collector, as I wish I didn’t waste my money on a 260pt top loader! 😂 hopefully some day I run into a card that actually fits the thing.