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MAIL DAY! Bo Bichette 2020 Panini Diamond Kings Dual Jersey Patch + Auto (15/49)

If you’ve been following the blog or know me, you know I’m a big Bo Bichette fan. I wanted something cool in my collection, but honestly didn’t want to pay some of the steep prices that Bo Bichette autos are going for these days. The usual solution in this case? Panini Diamond Kings. Where this isn’t a Topps product, they lack certain licensing rights which leaves them unable to use MLB team names and logos. In some cases, it’s brutally obvious but in others it isn’t so bad. The lack of licensing generally drives value way down, and you can score some pretty cool pieces for your personal collection at a much cheaper price tag than the Topps equivalent. I think this is a great case where it isn’t so bad. The shot of Bo is from behind when swinging, so really all that’s missing is the Blue Jays logo on the helmet, which I honestly think you’d need to look for to notice. At a quick glance, you’d never say “hmmmm... something seems off here!”

The process of getting this card introduced me to eBay’s weird global shipping process. They have a central area in Kentucky where they will handle customs declaration/other stuff for sellers, but from a tracking perspective it’s quite confusing. You can imagine how heated I was when I saw the tracking changes to delivered in Kentucky when I’m sitting here in Nova Scotia. All in, it took 16 days to get from point A to point B, which isn’t as bad as some packages I’ve ordered in the past.

Anyways, here’s a few photos of the card.

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