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Let’s Pull Some Cards! WWE Prizm 2022 (Retail Blaster + Hanger Pack)

First off, the blog has been quiet lately.. I’ve been working on a lot of stuff in my work life to prepare for moving into a new job soon. It’s left me pretty exhausted in my off time and blogging is one of the things that got pushed aside with that. I’m getting back to having some extra energy in my off time though, so I have a back-log of stuff to post. 

I feel like it’s hitting the point it’s not some crazy task to secure some WWE Prizm, but I had a hard enough time getting it that I was super hyped when I got some. Initially online I added a hanger pack on an order, but just this past weekend I was able to find a blaster in a small town walmart when I was out of town.

First, the hanger pack!

Base: (Catanzaro is a silver)


Red, White & Blue Variants:


Now the blaster!

Base: (Nash is a silver)


Inserts & Variants:

Rhea Ripley Fearless /25 Green Variant:

All around a pretty good series. I think Prizm was a fantastic start for the WWE/Panini deal that we’ll see over the next few years. It’s a design that pops so well for wrestling. I’m not sure I’ll grab another blaster if I see one or not, but whatever comes next from WWE/Panini I’ll be trying to get my hands on a box!

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