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Let’s Pull Some Cards! UFC Donruss 2022

I love ripping into something new! I know UFC cards are far from new, I have a few in my collection, but this is the first time I’ve been able to find some to rip myself. On top of that, it’s Donruss! I love me some Donruss base card designs! 

I wasn’t sure how to sort these, but I noticed weight classes listed on the back so I decided to roll with that. 

This is a really fun set and there’s a good chance I grab another box if I get a chance to!

Base - Men: Heavyweight

Base - Men: Light Heavyweight:

Base - Men: Middleweight 

Base - Men: Welterweight

Base - Men: Lightweight

Base - Men: Featherweight

Base - Men: Bantamweight 

Base - Men: Flyweight

Base - Women: Bantamweight 

Base - Women: Flyweight

Base - Women: Strawweight


Variants:  (and a Conor McGregor card I’m storing elsewhere)


Like I said, really fun set! The base design can work with anything and the inserts are all super cool!

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