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Mail Day! IMPACT Wrestling 2022 Series 1 Trading Cards

I decided to venture outside the WWE bubble in terms of wrestling cards and grab a pack of the first 2022 series for IMPACT’s cards. Im unfamiliar with their release format so I wasn’t overly sure what I was getting, I just knew that I was getting at least one autograph.

Turns out the series is 10 cards, and you get every card in it + the additional autographed card. Im not sure if this is common, but if you’re a big IMPACT fan this is probably pretty cool. As a casual, I was kind of bummed cause a few guys I like on their show weren’t even in the series. Now I know!

Anyways, this is what I got!

Base Series:

Autograph (Lady Frost 25/100):

Not a bad little box of cards! I’ve heard of Lady Frost her a bit from the indies and saw some excitement on Twitter when she signed with IMPACT so hopefully it’s a card worth sitting on for later!