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Let’s Pull Some Cards! Panini NBA Hoops 2021-22 (Retail Blaster)

Nothing I love more than an NBA box that’s a good value. I don’t ever expect much in the way of “hits” from retail stuff, so it’s always nice to see a good number of cards in a box. At 88 cards to a blaster, I think this is a good deal.. especially for an NBA product where a lot of boxes fall around 40-50 cards at the same price point.

Here’s what I came away with in the box:

Base Cards:


Inserts & Variants:

Ayo Dosunmu Jersey Relic:

Panini is hilarious.. “The enclosed officially licensed material is not associated with any specific player, game, or event.”… for all we know the patch may legit be off a jersey on a hanger at the team store lol doesn’t even say game worn, not even necessarily the player on the card haha.

All around a good box and I always welcome a chance to rip some NBA cards!

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