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Kaizen Pro Wrestling: 2nd Anniversary Show

I’ve decided to take a page out of the Armadillo Dave playbook and blog about the local promotion! They’re awesome, and if even one person decides to buy a ticket locally or stream them on IWTV, then the time it took to type up this post was well worth it. They bust their asses, put on amazing shows, and bring in awesome talent who are new to the scene.

A couple years back a new promotion started here in Nova Scotia, based out of Dartmouth. Kaizen Pro Wrestling. It’s a solid collection of some of the best up and coming wrestlers in the Maritimes, plus the talent seem to use connections made along the way to bring in some really cool fresh faces. They just hit their second anniversary, and this is my first show back after missing a few during the pandemic.

The card unfortunately had a bit of a shuffle as Rip Byson and Delmi Exo had a family emergency. I’m not sure why it didn’t go as they mentioned, but Mya Malik was added to the scramble match, and Sam Shields wasn’t there. Hoping all is okay with Rip & Delmi, can’t wait to see them on a future show!

  • Reverso def. JP Simms
  • Justin Mior & Peter McDade def. Darkside Express
  • Kaizen Scramble - Mya Malek def. Kris Hicks, Maddison Miles, Kyle Boone, Kimba & Bobby Orlando
  • Chip Chambers def. Gabriel Fuerza
  • Remi Petit def. Charlie Winston
  • Kaizen Pro Wrestling Championship - Covey Christ (c) def. Aiden Prince 
My takeaways from this show:
  • The second that Fuerza was announced for the show I instantly tweeted out that they need to book Chambers vs Fuerza. Since the first show (which featured both) the one on one match has been my “Kaizen Dream Match”. And man… it delivered. Match of the night for me, and I wouldn’t be mad at them running it back down the road. Nice to see Chip pick up a win too, he’s been on the losing end in the last few matches I’ve seen.
  • As mentioned above, the card needed to be shuffled - but if you went to the show you’d never know what was presented wasn’t the plan. All matches impacted by the shuffles all flowed super smoothly.
  • Although it wasn’t my favourite match, the idea of them quickly showcasing Kaizen Academy students (they mentioned it was only their 3rd match) was a cool idea. I wasn’t a big fan, but the crowd seemed behind Justin & Peter.
  • The main event had one of the coolest spots I’ve ever seen. Aiden Prince was on the top rope with Covey in the middle of the ring. Covey did the deal where he rolled toward the opposite corner to create distance so I thought “oh he’s gonna drop down from the top rope and go stomp him or something”… nope! He said “screw it” and hit a sweet splash covering at least 3/4 of the distance from corner to corner. It was awesome!
  • “Big Guys” aren’t an overly common thing in this area now. There’s a few for sure, but most talent here are smaller. Winston vs Petit was a lol of mass, and man.. when they crash into the ring the sound is insane. Fun big man battle, and after the match the ring announcer needed to re-secure a bolt that came loose on the ring due to the match.
  • Bobby Orlando is awesome.
An awesome night, and I look forward to the couple things they mentioned on the horizon. A couple shows, plus at the show they aired a trailer for a show that will be airing on local TV. It looks to extremely story driven, and has my attention. The best way I could think to describe it at the time (based on the trailer) was a “Maritime Lucha Underground”. I’ll be checking it out!
I’ll keep the posts on local promotions coming as I hit up shows! Their shows typically go up on IWTV a month or two after they happen, so check this out once it’s up. Also go check out some past shows too!