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Mail Day! Topps Now - Pete Alonso x Home Run Derby

I generally stay away from Topps Now, I find them to be overpriced for single cards and more often than not they don’t retain a ton of value. Obviously there are some exceptions to that, but I’m just speaking on the concept of them in general.

That being said, I had A LOT of fun watching the derby this year and I think a good amount of that was due to Pete’s monster performance and charisma throughout. Once I saw this card go up, I HAD to have it so I used my points accumulated on the Topps website to get it a bit cheaper. Savings which made no difference, by the way - it looks like Topps changed their cheapest international shipping option from $10 to $15, so the $5 I though I would save just ended up falling under shipping. Oh well!


A solid addition! I’m not sure it builds or even holds value, but it’s always a keep-sake from a really fun night of watching some of the leagues best launch some long bombs.