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Lets Pull Some Cards! 1990 Bowman Baseball!

Every now and then I get out of the house and have a good time - this weekend was one of those times! Me and the boys decided to hit up a local brewery who have an arcade in the basement. It made for a night of good drinks and good times - I spent a bit of change and time on this machine..

But walking back to our table something caught my eye.. they had a little booth with random things for sale, one of which was packs of Bowman Baseball 1990. I walked by like “heh, neat!”.. but on my way out I had to stop and grab at least a couple packs just for fun. Hell, maybe I pull a Frank Thomas or Larry Walker rookie card for the collection! (spoiler alert: I did not pull either of those cards)

Anyways! This is what was in the two packs (bubble gum not pictured)

A fun little blast from the past.. a handful of players I even knew; but most I didn’t - cut me some slack, I was ONE year old in 1990, haha. A solid night out for sure - if you live in (or plan to visit) Halifax I suggest checking out Propeller on Gottigen St (by the Staples). It’s a great spot to hang for the night and they have good beers on tap + also make vodka sodas and other things if beer isn't your style!