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Mail Day! A Few Random Breaks From Midwest Box Breaks!

Ive been going a bit lighter over the last bit on collectibles in general, as I’ve been keeping finances in check in preparation of buying a house. No real luck on that yet, as the market is a bunch of nonsense right now.. but that’s a story for another day! Over the last couple months (to keep myself sane) I’ve done a few cheap breaks with Midwest Box Breaks, and those just showed up. As the charge to ship to Canada is criminal, Ben generally waits until you’ve done a few breaks to finally ship stuff over the boarder, especially if you didn’t have any big hits which is the case here.

Anyways! This is what arrived..

- B R E A K   D E T A I L S - 
Random Team
Midwest Box Breaks

Break 1 - Panini Certified Basketball 2020-2021 - Los Angeles Clippers:

Break 2 - Panini Diamond Kings 2020 - Pittsburgh Pirates:

Break 3 - Panini Diamond Kings 2020 - Arizona Diamondbacks:

Break 4 - Panini Donruss Baseball 2021 - Tampa Bay Rays:

Nothing groundbreaking in here, but I never hit a break (especially a cheap one) expecting too much. I absolutely LOVE the card art for Diamond Kings 2020, and hope they carry it (or something similar) over to 2021. If I wanted guaranteed hits I would take that money and buy single cards instead. I’m happy with this stuff, and as per usual watching the breaks with MBB was a fun time!