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COMC Order - 04-15-2021

It’s been a while, and being relatively dialled in on the Phillies this season has made me look at a lot of the current team and say one of two things: 1) “this guy’s autograph could probably be had for cheap, I should get one soon” OR 2) “I love this guy, but getting their auto is too big of a purchase for me right now”. Try finding a reasonably priced Bryce Harper Phillies auto - my only hope there is hitting one in a break or a massive promotion + bonus at work so I can treat myself.

Anyways! I grabbed a few autos, plus some other random singles. I didn’t ship them yet, as according to COMC there’s a worldwide toploader shortage. I’ll wait until that’s not an issue, and I can add toploaders as I want my autographed cards to be protected!

  • Bo Bichette2020 Topps Gallery - [Base] #130
  • Bo Bichette2020 Topps - Decades Next #DN-13
  • TJ Zeuch2020 Panini Absolute - [Base] - Pink #144 [2/75]
  • Marcus Stroman2014 Panini Donruss The Rookies - [Base] - Signatures Series [Autographed] #47
  • Andre Dawson1985 Topps - [Base] #420
  • Andre Dawson2020 Topps X Steve Aoki - [Base] #90
  • Aaron Nola2020 Topps - 1985 Topps Baseball Autographs #85A-AN
  • Jean Segura2019 Topps Museum Collection - Single Player Signature Swatches Dual Relics #SSDA-JSE [196/299]
  • Adam Haseley2018 Bowman High Tek - Prospects - Autographs [Autographed] #PHT-AH
  • Rhys Hoskins2020 Topps The Show 20 Players League - [Base] #27
  • Hulk Hogan2015 Topps WWE - Hulk Hogan Tribute #20
  • UFC 1482015 Topps UFC Chronicles - Fight Poster Review #FPR-UFC 148

I normally don’t dig too far into the Topps series they release online, but that Topps x Aoki Andre Dawson has been on my to-get list since me and Dave discussed it on Twitter after he picked it up. It looks like they mistakenly named him “Andrew Dawson”.

Anyways! Who knows when I get these shipped off.. but for now they sit in my COMC inventory!

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