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MAIL DAY! Project 2020 Derek Jeter x Ben Baller

This could be a pricey new interest in the collection hobby, so I need to watch myself and make sure I don’t go overboard on these… but I’m starting to look back at Project 2020 and grabbing some cards that sunk in value. I’ve also been keeping my eye on this years Project 70, getting the “must have” cards that I think may rise above it’s initial prove point. 

Anyways! I have 3 other Project 2020 cards on a few COMC orders: a Griffey, Trout, and a Jeter. For this order I grabbed another Derek Jeter, cause I stumbled onto it, wanted it, and it was cheap enough. Ben Baller Did The Card!


Hopefully this is the first of many mail day posts coming in the next few days as I have a few things in transit right now.