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Mail Day! Big COMC Order!

I’m slowly pushing through stuff that arrived this week to post on the blog.. so on to my big COMC order that finally arrived! I’m not going to bother trying to split these up into different posts, but this was a pretty sizeable order (two that shipped together, actually) so there’s a lot to include.

This order has a little bit of everything, so I’ll just break it down by type..

Project 2020:



The gold card may be hard to see, but it’s a weird all gold card they did at some point, it’s a Billy Gunn card.


The Adam Gase card was added to be thrown in as a joke prize next year in a fantasy league. There’s a few New York Jets fans in the league, so there was daily conversation involving Gase in the league chat during last season, haha.



A lot of stuff to go through and organize!

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