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Let’s Pull Some Cards! 2020 Panini Donruss Elite Football 30-Card Hanger Pack

First off, I generally don’t like to buy cellophane hangers - you’re just asking for dinged up corners when you buy them (from my experience, anyways)... but NFL cards haven’t been easy to come by at retail so I went against my usual ways. Of course, this was yet another example of every card having a dinged up corner cause who knows what it’s been through before I got it in my hands.

Luckily (I guess?) I didn’t hit anything too great where I think I’d be losing a ton of value due to the corners. All around there isn’t much here for me as there’s no cool parallels (outside of the few “exclusive” parallels in each pack), rookies, or Bears cards (which is generally what I collect when it comes to football).

What I Pulled:


Variants (including the only rookie card I pulled):

All around a bust, but it had been a while since I ripped some cards open and I had the itch. If I’m mad about anything, it’s that the bottom left (top right on variants) corners were all dinged cause hanger packs suck. Oh well!