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Sunday Showcase: Elite Series 71 Kassius Ohno

I’ve taken a few weeks off from the Sunday Showcase, and they may be sporadic going forward but I was bored and wanted to get one out this week!

This is probably my favourite figure in my entire collection. I’ve been a Chris Hero / Kassius Ohno fan since my teen years, so I’ve been waiting on this to come out for a LONG time. The FTC figure (which I also have) is fine, and it’s cool to have something actually labeled “Chris Hero” but Mattel doing their thing for a KO figure was what I always wanted.

I had to get one loose and one boxed. It’s hard to imagine now, but my goal is (if the world gets back to normal) to eventually meet him at a show and get the MOC one signed.

Anyways! The figure!

Amazing job by Mattel on this one!

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