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MAIL DAY! Bowman Chrome 2020 Zach Britton Autograph /250

I grabbed this one for the Jays collection from a guy on Twitter, and the interaction was all around great. That only negative was the shipping time, but that was out of both of our control.expecting a long wait for anything coming from outside of Canada is pretty much the standard, unfortunately!

Seller: Gilly’s Cards
Twitter: @cardsellerhub

He was nice enough to deal with me and sit on the card despite not having much (if any) experience shipping to Canada. He worked with me to make sure shipping seemed to be set in place properly, and in line with my past experiences cost wise. 

Anyways! The card!

I don’t know much about this kid, but I’m trying to boost the number of signed Bowman 1st cards in my collection for Phillies and Jays. It being a /250 variant is just an added bonus!