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WWE Elite Series 84 - Lineup Reveal & Attire Predictions

Would you look at that! New pre-orders up on ringside! Elite 84 is up and it looks like it’s set to ship in late January!

  • Jeff Hardy (w Chase)
  • Roman Reigns
  • Buddy Murphy
  • Sheamus
  • Rhea Ripley
  • Angel Garza
This is a pretty lack lustre lineup for me, but I may at least end up grabbing Roman Reigns.

Attire Predictions:

Jeff Hardy - I think for Jeff we’re looking at the timeframe that he was feuding with Sheamus. I think this is going to be one of Jeff with no face paint, and the chase will be the version of Jeff from the end of their bar fight w/ face paint and white out contacts.

Roman Reigns - the render that they chose has me confused. I would have assumed this was going to be Tribal Cheif Roman Reigns, but they’re showing him with the WWE title? Regardless, I still think we’re getting him from Summerslam (w/ removable “wreck everyone & leave” cloth shirt & blue universal title) as it’s the only thing that really makes sense.

Buddy Murphy - there’s not much point in guessing this one, as we already know what it will be. All I’m going to guess is that it comes with the Raw Tag Team Championship.

Sheamus - like Jeff, my assumption is that this will come from their feud. Instead of his standard wrestling attire, I think we get him directly from the bar fight, complete with suspenders and neat hat! It may be normal wrestling attire Sheamus though, I feel like that was shown at either SDCC or Ringside Fest this year.

* UPDATE! I was right AND wrong! It is his standard in ring attire, as shown on RSC now. Thumbs down on this one. *

Rhea Ripley - this has already been shown, and was one of those figures that it was just a matter of time before it was released. Based on the render, I’d assume she’s coming with the NXT Women’s Championship.

Angel Garza - like Rhea and Buddy, we’ve seen this so I’m not going to try and make any kind of guess. I will say that I think he’ll have his tear away pants, and if so, that will rule.


Like I said, I think I’ll only get Roman in this series and even that is 100% dependent on it being Tribal Cheif Roman Reigns.