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Sunday Showcase: WWE Intercontinental Championship (Signed By Cody Rhodes)

Once a week I decided that I’m going to start showcasing a few of my favourite pieces in my collection. The blog is only about 2.5 months old, and there’s SO MUCH I had collected before I launched the site. It would be a shame to not give some of it some love.

The first entry is going to be the gem of my wrestling collection: my WWE Intercontinental Championship. The way I keep it displayed in my figure case you wouldn’t know, but I also have it signed by Cody Rhodes!

This was, and will continue to be the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received. My wife got this for me in one of our first Christmases together, and I knew from that point forward I couldn’t let her go. From when I started watching wrestling THIS was always my favorite title design, and when it was reintroduced I popped huge! I initially said if I was getting it signed, I would only do so on the back side of the title... but then the opportunity came up, and I thought “you know what? Cody reintroduced it, get it signed on the front of the strap!”

Anyways, I know people can be pretty divided on Code Man, especially since AEW’s launch and how he’s presented himself. All I’m going to say is based on this experience, he’s the best wrestler I’ve ever met when it comes to interacting with the fans. We caught him between WWE & NJPW at the start of his little checklist tour at a local show. He didn’t rush anyone along, and while he was signing and taking a photo with me and my wife, he actually spent a good amount of time talking about bringing the “old” IC title back in WWE. He said he actually paid to have the “original” redesigned title (w/ a more textured look) made, and WWE eventually rolled forward with the one like I have. It was an awesome experience just kind of chatting about that stuff with Cody, not really being “star-struck” but a feeling of “this is pretty cool to chat about stuff like this with THIS guy”.

Anyways! Pictures of my baby!